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 Mark Murphy, President and Chief Executive Officer
Paul Baniel, Vice President of Finance and Administration
Craig Benzel, Vice President of Sales and Business Development
Gabrielle Valdez Dow, Vice President of Marketing and Fan Engagement
Nicole Ledvina, Vice President of Human Resources
Ed Policy, Vice President and General Counsel
Toula Akladios, Executive Shareholder Services Manager
Jerry Hanson, Staff Counsel
Patricia Scott, Executive Assistant to the President
Rhonda Borowicz, Senior Legal Assistant
Mary Bartels, Administrative Assistant – Finance
Julie Leung, Administrative Assistant – Sales and Marketing
Bob Harlan, Chairman Emeritus


    Carla Schrank, Accounting Manager
Scott Murphy, Assistant Accounting Manager
Traci Nygaard, Senior Accountant
Ben Brossard, Staff Accountant
Andrew Podlasik, Staff Accountant
Ann Dabeck, Payroll Coordinator
Jill Austinson, Accounting Assistant
Wendy Pasowicz, Accounts Payable Assistant
Julie Van Asten, Accounts Payable Assistant

Human Resources

    Melissa Malfroid, Human Resources Manager
Chelsea Schettle, Human Resources Assistant

Public Relations

    Jason Wahlers, Director of Public Relations
Sarah Quick, Assistant Director of Public Relations
Tom Fanning, Communications Manager
Nate LoCascio, Public Relations Coordinator
Chase Altieri, Public Relations Intern
James V. Biever, Team Photographer
Matt Becker, Assistant Team Photographer

Public Affairs

Aaron Popkey, Director of Public Affairs
Cliff Christl, Team Historian
Katie Hermsen, Public Affairs Intern

Brand and Marketing
  • Joan Malcheski, Director of Brand & Marketing
  • Garrison Cummings, Business Intelligence Manager
  • Brian O'Connell, Digital Analyst
  • Katie Schneekloth, Direct Marketing Coordinator
  • Bill Luebker, Creative Design Manager
  • Elizabeth Lasee, Graphic Artist
  • Lacey Frederick, Fan Engagement Specialist
  • Haylee Helmle, Affinity Club Assistant
  • Melissa Schleicher, Affinity Club Intern
  • Tessa Ruid, Brand & Marketing Intern
  • Paige Bayer, Email Marketing Intern

    Digital, Production & Game Presentation

  • Kregg Shilbauer, Assistant Director of Digital, Production & Game Presentation
  • Kandi Goltz, Manager of Game and Fan Development
  • Duke Bobber, Manager of Digital
  • Vic Ketchman, Editor/Producer
  • Mike Spofford, Senior Writer
  • Ryan Hartwig, Content Developer
  • Michael Atkinson, Producer
  • Larry McCarren, Sports Analyst
  • Mike Vandersnick, Videographer
  • Adam Hoebelheinrich, Video Editor
  • Tyler Gajewski, Digital Media Coordinator
  • Matt Arvin, Audio Video Production Intern
  • Max Brodsky, Digital Production Intern
  • Matt Haberkamp, Digital Design (UI/UX) Intern
  • Shelby O’Brien, Game Entertainment Intern
  • Jenna Smoot, Social Media Intern

  • Sales & Business Development

  • Chad Watson, Director of Sales & Business Development
  • Bill Hawker, Manager of Corporate Sales
  • Dana Kressig, Corporate Sales Executive – Digital Sales
  • Mitch Kluska, Corporate Sales Executive
  • Jonathan Murphy, Corporate Sales Executive
  • Justin Wolf, Corporate Sales Executive
  • Sara Webb, Manager of Partnership Services
  • Shea Greil, Senior Partnership Services Coordinator
  • Tammi Schroeder, Partnership Services Coordinator
  • Lisa Nortman, Partnership Services Coordinator
  • Nick Beauchamp, Digital Sales Partnership Services Coordinator
  • Aaron Hart, Manager of Corporate Sales – Milwaukee Office
  • David LeGrand, Corporate Sales Executive – Milwaukee Office
  • Michelle Ratchman, Partnership Services Coordinator – Milwaukee Office
  • Meiling Chao, Sales & Business Development Intern – Milwaukee Office
  • Jason McDonough, Manager of Premium Seating Sales and Service
  • Daniel Moss, Premium Seating Sales and Service Coordinator
  • Julie Kostner, Senior Premium Seating Coordinator
  • Kelly Poppele, Premium Seating Coordinator
  • Mikaela Higgins, Assistant Premium Seating Coordinator
  • Scott Thompson, Business Information Analyst
  • Drew Olstead, Sales & Business Development Intern
  • Jenna Riesterer, Sales & Business Development Intern
  • Information Technology
  • Wayne Wichlacz, Director of Information Technology
  • Kenny Ansel, Assistant Director of Information Technology
  • Mike Jelenic, Senior Computer Systems Administrator
  • Bobbi Cameron, Business Services Analyst
  • Ryan Nowak, Technology Systems Engineer
  • Andy Cornelissen, Data Warehouse Analyst
  • Justin Ruckel, Network Support Specialist
  • Travis Conard, Computer Systems Administrator
  • Joe Reuter, Information Technology Support Specialist
  • Troy VanWychen, Information Technology Support Specialist
  • Becky Lamal, Help Desk/Administrative Assistant
  • David Sayles, Information Technology Intern

    Community Outreach

        Cathy Dworak, Director of Community Outreach & Player/Alumni Relations
    Bobbi Jo Eisenreich, Manager of Corporate Giving
    Tony Fisher, Player/Alumni Coordinator
    Tim Schroeder, Youth Football Coordinator
    Amanda Wery, Community Outreach Coordinator
    Julie Broeckel, Corporate Giving Coordinator
    Sandy Roubal, Corporate Giving Coordinator
    Shaina Beckers, Community Outreach Intern

  • Retail Operations
  • Peggy Prebelski, Director of Retail Operations
    Marisa Schewe, Retail Operations Ecommerce Marketing Manager
    Pam Burnett, Senior Buyer
    Jennifer Rosin, Packers Pro Shop Buyer
    Patrick Luce, Assistant Buyer
    Theresa Pagel, Retail Purchasing Assistant
    Cody Boeck, Manager of Retail Operations & Customer Service
    Deb Kuhn, Packers Pro Shop Store Manager
    Lisa Treichel, Assistant Manager – Team Stores
    Darren Lohr, Assistant Manager – Team Stores
    Tim Hodek, Pro Shop Assistant/Retail Sales
    Andy Bomske, Pro Shop Assistant/Retail Sales
    Mary Mikota, Assistant Warehouse Manager
    Gavin Carrigan, Assistant Warehouse Manager
    Judy Pedersen, Assistant Warehouse Manager
  • Stadium Services
  • Jennifer Ark, Director of Stadium Services
    Wendy Jansen, Lambeau Field Events Manager
    Erin Longley, Lambeau Field Events Account Executive
    Jenny Zuege, Lambeau Field Events Specialist
    Amy Baker, Lambeau Field Events Administrator
    Krissy Zegers, Hall of Fame and Stadium Tour Manager
    Casey Ausloos, Hall of Fame Sales Executive
    Kristen Broderick, Hall of Fame Assistant/Educational Coordinator
    Brent Hensel, Hall of Fame Curator
    Keith Cronin, Manager of Guest Services
    LaFawn Joslin, Guest Services Assistant/Switchboard
    Ginny Schram, Guest Services Assistant/Reception
    Sindi Anschutz, Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge
    Diane Aubry, Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge
    Sue Last, Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge
    Barb Van De Hey, Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge
    Karen Wiesner, Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge
    Carolyn Zeise, Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge

  • Ticketing
  • Mark Wagner, Director of Ticket Operations
    Philip Caldwell, Box Office Manager
    Christine Wahlen, Ticket Office Coordinator
    Sue Zernicke, Ticket Office Coordinator

  • Facilities and Fields

  • Ted Eisenreich, Director of Facility Operations
    Mike Moynihan, Assistant Director of Facility Operations
    Justin Dantzman, HVAC Manager
    Todd Edlebeck, Facilities Manager
    Brad "Gus" Gustafson, Manager of Atrium Operations
    Allen Johnson, Fields Manager
    Anne Larson, Facilities Office Manager
    Bill Rasmussen, Facilities Manager
    John Wurzer, Electrical Manager
    Dave Tilot, Maintenance Supervisor
    Craig Nooyen, Sr. HVAC Technician
    Clyde Watson, HVAC Technician
    Ken Sulewski, HVAC Technician
    Bill Miller, Plumber/Beverage Systems Technician
    Dale Vannieuwenhoven, Janitorial Coordinator
    Bill Roubal, Journeyman Electrician
    Derek Paris, Fields Assistant
    Bart Bartelme, Fields Assistant
    Joel Hunt, Fields Assistant
    Eric De Mars, Maintenance Assistant
    Corey Wentland, Maintenance Assistant
    Joe Setzkorn, Atrium Operations Lead
    Dan Skaleski, Atrium Operations Lead
    Israel Torres, Atrium Operations Lead
    Christi Marcks, Administrative Assistant – Facilities

  • Security

  • Doug Collins, Director of Security/Risk Management
    Justin Crabb, Building Security Manager
    Andrew Wellens, Building Security Supervisor
    Mike Agnew, Security Officer
    Craig Bagley, Security Officer
    Scott Hansen, Security Officer
    Doug Maes, Security Officer
    Jesse Motto, Security Officer
    Bill Schmit, Security Officer
    Paul Schmit, Security Officer
    Bob Slaby, Security Officer
    Joe Stewart, Security Officer
    Peter Yurek, Security Officer
    Ruben Zayas, Security Officer
    Brandon Arndt, Shipping & Receiving Coordinator
    Laurie Taicher, Security/Risk Management Assistant
    Keith Cheslock, Mail Clerk
    Mike Streckenbach, Mail Clerk

  • Football Operations
  • Ted Thompson, Executive V.P., General Manager & Director of Football Operations
    Russ Ball, Vice President of Football Administration/Player Finance
    Mike Eayrs, Director of Research and Development
    Rob Davis, Director of Player Engagement
    Matt Klein, Football Administration Coordinator
    Adam Korzun, Director of Performance Nutrition
    Mike Halbach, Director of Football Technology
    Ryan Feder, Football Technology Analyst
    David Raih, Coaching Administrator
    Andrew Kinn, Executive Assistant - General Manager
    Melanie Marohl, Salary Cap Analyst
    Linda Nuthals, Corporate Travel Manager
    Sherry Schuldes, Manager of Family Programs
    Lisa Waeghe, Executive Assistant – Head Coach
    Diane Coron, Football Administration Assistant

  • Coaching

    Mike McCarthy, Head Coach
    Winston Moss, Associate Head Coach/Linebackers
    Tom Clements, Associate Head Coach/Offense
    Edgar Bennett, Offensive Coordinator
    Dom Capers, Defensive Coordinator
    Ron Zook, Special Teams Coordinator
    Mark Lovat, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
    James Campen, Offensive Line
    Jerry Fontenot, Tight Ends
    Sam Gash, Running Backs
    Luke Getsy, Offensive Quality Control
    Scott McCurley, Assistant Linebackers
    Jerry Montgomery, Defensive Front Assistant
    Darren Perry, Secondary – Safeties
    John Rushing, Defensive Quality Control
    Jason Simmons, Assistant Special Teams
    Mike Solari, Assistant Offensive Line
    Mike Trgovac, Defensive Line
    Alex Van Pelt, Quarterbacks/Wide Receivers
    Joe Whitt Jr., Secondary – Cornerbacks
    Chris Gizzi, Strength & Conditioning Assistant
    Thadeus Jackson, Strength & Conditioning Assistant
    Grant Thorne, Strength & Conditioning Assistant

  • Player Personnel
  • Eliot Wolf, Director of Player Personnel
    Brian Gutekunst, Director of College Scouting
    Alonzo Highsmith, Senior Personnel Executive
    Sam Seale, West Regional Scout
    Tim Terry, Assistant Director of Pro Personnel
    Jon-Eric Sullivan, College Scout
    John Wojciechowski, College Scout
    Richmond Williams, College Scout
    Chad Brinker, Pro Scout
    Glenn Cook, Pro Scout
    Alonzo Dotson, College Scout
    Mike Owen, College Scout
    Charles Walls, College Scout
    Joe Hueber, Scouting Assistant
    Danny Mock, College Scouting Coordinator
    Autumn Thomas-Beenenga, Pro Personnel Coordinator
  • Video
  • Chris Kirby, Video Director
    Andy Muckerheide, Assistant Video Director
    Nick Goddard, Video Assistant
  • Equipment
  • Gordon 'Red' Batty, Equipment Manager
    Tom Bakken, Assistant Equipment Manager
    Bryan Nehring, Assistant Equipment Manager
    Tim Odea, Equipment Assistant
    Kevin Nelson, Equipment Assistant

  • Medical
  • Bryan Engel, Head Athletic Trainer
    Pepper Burruss, Director of Sports Medicine Administration
    Dr. Patrick McKenzie, Team Physician
    Dr. John Gray, Associate Team Physician
    Kurt Fielding, Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Nate Weir, Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Riley Hoistad, Intern Athletic Trainer
    John Michel, Intern Athletic Trainer
  • 9/25/2015