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Title: Green Bay Packers: 2018 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 with a Trade
Post by: Bob Fox on April 14, 2018, 11:58:01 AM
Green Bay Packers: 2018 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 with a Trade

By Bob Fox


The 2018 NFL draft is now less than two weeks away. It starts on April 26 and will last through April 28. This year the location is AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Up to this point, the draft process has already taken us through the bowl games, plus the all-star games (the East-West Shrine Game, the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl and the Senior Bowl) and finally the NFL Scouting Combine.

The pro days have taken place as well, and currently NFL teams are scheduling personal visits with various prospects.

As I mentioned in my previous mock draft, general manager Brian Gutekunst of the Packers has been a bit busy in the free agency process, both in adding players to the team (Jimmy Graham, Muhammad Wilkerson and Tramon Williams) and in releasing a big name (Jordy Nelson).

And earlier this week, the Packers also re-signed veteran cornerback Davon House.

Before the free agency period began, Gutekunst made a trade with general manager John Dorsey of the Cleveland Browns. In that trade, the Packers moved cornerback Damarious Randall to the Browns for quarterback DeShone Kizer.

In addition to the players being traded, the teams swapped picks in both the fourth and fifth rounds, which means that the Packers will have the first pick in both the fourth and fifth rounds of the upcoming draft.

I’m sure part of the reason Gutekunst and Dorsey made that trade, was the comfort level each has with one another, as both worked together for 13 years in the Green Bay scouting department.

In addition to that, Eliot Wolf, who is now assistant general manager of the Browns, and Alonzo Highsmith, who is now vice president of the Browns, also spent many years together with Gutekunst in the scouting department of the Packers.

In a recent piece about the Packers and Browns possibly doing more business during the draft, I surmised that another trade between the two teams might be forthcoming. And in this mock draft, I am going to use one of the scenarios that mentioned in that article.

In this scenario, I have the Packers trading up to get the first pick of the second round from the Browns, which would be the 33rd pick of the draft. To do that, the Packers would trade their own second round pick (No. 45), plus their first fourth round pick (No. 101), plus would have to also trade their two compensatory picks in the fifth round (No.’s 172 & 174).

The trade will still leave the Packers with nine picks in the draft, including at least one in each round, but now Green Bay would be able to get two of the top 33 players in the 2018 NFL draft.

As per usual, I am using the expertise of NFL scout Chris Landry to help guide me through the draft process, as I will be utilizing his horizontal draft board (best players regardless of position) and his various positional draft boards.

I will do one final mock draft the week of the actual draft. But without further adieu, here is my mock draft 3.0.

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Title: Re: Green Bay Packers: 2018 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 with a Trade
Post by: RT on April 14, 2018, 01:08:14 PM
Enjoy your work, like it when people bring some new faces to the table. Not sure Pettis is a Packers type of WR, but in less than 2 weeks we will know. Keep the drafts coming.
Title: Re: Green Bay Packers: 2018 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 with a Trade
Post by: The GM on April 19, 2018, 10:38:16 PM
Davenport, Jackson, and Pettis would be a great haul for Gute.    I saw Pettis play every game of his collegiate career. Always reminded me of Jordy Nelson.  Not a real burner but fast enough to get open and has that crafty side to him.  Good athlete.  He wont work the sidelines like Nelson did, but he could have the type of impact Nelson did.    Chris Landry, who I love, called Pettis "a good punter returner".  Pettis is the ALL TIME NCAA Career Punt Return scoring leader with 9 TDs.   I hope his game translates to the NFL.   Pettis and Kevin King had some good practice battles against each other at UW.   Maybe it will continue in Green Bay?                   
Title: Re: Green Bay Packers: 2018 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 with a Trade
Post by: Bob Fox on April 22, 2018, 05:53:54 PM
Thanks RT and The GM. It's always good to hear from you. I'll be doing my final mock draft on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Jerry Kramer told me that he will be in Big D announcing the second round pick of the Pack. I think that particular round could play a big role in the entire draft for Green Bay. Depending on the board, the Packers might want to trade up, or perhaps trade down and get another No. 3. I would definitely grab Pettis with one of those third round picks, plus maybe a CB or an ILB like Micah Kiser.
Title: Re: Green Bay Packers: 2018 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 with a Trade
Post by: dannobanano on April 22, 2018, 06:53:05 PM
You know, I hear/read a lot about Davenport that screams high risk Boom-Bust factor. Very raw, bad habits, much lesser quality competition, yada-yada.

My head wants to say make a safer pick, since the Packers rarely find themselves picking this high. But then I remember the 2006 Draft when Ted went with "the safe pick" in AJ Hawk. Hawk was a fine player but never (IMHO) lived up to the expectations of being the #5 pick. But he was the safe pick.

Ted could have take a chance on a different player at #5, or traded down (providing there was a trade partner). Players taken, after Hawk, that could have had longer (and maybe better) careers in GB, and would have been considered more of a risk since it would have been early for them, could have been Haloti Ngata, Chad Greenway, or Tamba Hali. But we will never know!

I'm sure if BG make Davenport his pick at #14, he will know a world more about him than I could ever know.

Davenport may be considered "swinging for the fences" by some. But if he's the choice, I hope BG hits a home run with that pick.
Title: Re: Green Bay Packers: 2018 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 with a Trade
Post by: Bob Fox on April 25, 2018, 08:12:22 PM
I trust Chris Landry's judgement on Marcus Davenport. That being said, I've heard a rumor from a pretty good source that the Packers are trying to move up in the first round to select S Derwin James. We shall see.