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Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Packers transactions
« Last post by marklawrence on Today at 09:08:55 PM »
Not a fan of Tony. Not a good guy, imho.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Ted's health
« Last post by marklawrence on Today at 09:08:01 PM »
Persistent rumors are that there are mental problems, alzheimers or something.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Ted's health
« Last post by The GM on Today at 06:41:13 PM »
I just hope he's doing okay.  Addressing the crowd is meaningless.  The point is to honor him and his service to the GBP, as long as he understands that, him speaking really doesnt matter. JMO.   
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Ted's health
« Last post by mancl on Today at 06:30:50 PM »
Thompson, 65, has moved back to his native Texas and several of his friends have expressed major concerns about what they regard as his declining health. Thompson is to be enshrined in the Packers Hall of Fame on May 4 but there are questions whether he’ll be able to address the crowd live.

This came from a column written by Mc Ginn
Probably nothing to this, and I've read ALL the articles, but I keep coming back to Urban Meyer.  Yes, I know ALL the health issues and the denials.  Putting on my conspiracy hat, I look at a few things

Sunday Dec 2:  The college football playoffs are announced.  Ohio State with an outside shot, is disappointed, finishes 6th and is going to the Rose Bowl, Jan 1.
Sunday Evening, Dec 2:  The Packers fire Mike McCarthy later that same evening
Tuesday Morning, Dec 4:  Urban Meyer resigns his position as Ohio State HC due to health issues effective after the Rose Bowl.

Meyer is one of the greatest coaches in football history.  He's only 55 years old.  He's got nothing to prove in college football having one NCAA championships in his last 3 stops (Ohio St, Florida, Utah).  Murphy has Big 10 connections,  how great would it be for Murphy to pull this guy out of a hat.  If people are talking about Pat Fitzgerald, why would you not want Urban Meyer?

I believe Meyers health issues come from stress, its also why he left Florida and he may legitimately be done.  If he comes to Green Bay as the HC, he isn't chasing kids all over the country any longer.  Not to say the Green Bay HC job isn't stressful, but its not as demanding as recruiting, managing teenagers all year.  He comes in, keeps Philbin (Rodgers happy) and/or Pettine who he probably knows from the Cleveland days.  I don't think he's done coaching.  A small media market and a chance to coach in the NFL's legendary Green Bay Packers might be a challenge he's looking at.

You bring Urban Meyer into the NFC North, he'll get a national buzz for Green Bay going immediately.   What a great hire it would be.

When asked if he would coach again he said "That's a complicated question" and later said he "Didn't believe he would" wasn't sure he could handle losing as much as they do in the NFL.

Again, probably wont happen and he'll probably go the TV route, but keep an eye on this.   Tons of candidates and the Packers should explore this if they haven't already.  JMO.

Draft Talk / Small college championship weekend
« Last post by RT on Today at 03:25:28 PM »
Mount Union vs. Mary Hardin-Baylor in D-3 Championship game tonight. This should be a very tight game with a lot defensive talent on both sides. I have a feeling that Mary Hardin-Baylor finds a way to pull this one out in the end.

Morningside vs. Benedictine (Kansas) in the NAIA Championship game tomorrow in Daytona Beach. #1 Morningside may have too many horses for Benedictine, but the team from Kansas keeps surprising every game in the tournament so far. Do they have one more in them?

Valdosta State vs. Ferris State in the D-2 Championship game tomorrow. I'm thinking that Ferris State who was a 3 seed in their sectional has a very good shot to knock off the #1 Valdosta State. This should be an excellent game.

For those that like to try and deep dive and find hidden talent, there should be a number of pro prospects in these games. Or if you just want to see what the small colleges have to offer they are worth a check see.
A name that I wonder if is being given consideration by the Packers is Dave Toub. Maybe some in the media have brought him up and I just have missed it. He has been very good for awhile at the NFL level and is currently the assistant HC and special teams coordinator in Kanas City.
From the Chicago Tribune - I found this laundry list article of pros and cons about Pat Fitzgerald:

I thought it was interesting, and there’s certainly LOTS of fuel for lively discussion and debate!  ( - : #

I think Fitzgerald is a great match for the midwestern culture and tradition of the Green Bay Packers. With the obvious connection with Murphy, his coaching success,  albeit college, and midwestern roots-it seems to me it at least warrants an inquiry by Green Bay as to his interest level.

Id rather have a Xs and Os guy because I think thats were the league is going with the rules. You could probably keep Philbin and Pettine if they hire Fitz.  My guess is Rodgers would be happy with that.  It probably works structure wise, but does it translate to the field where you are basically switching Fitz for McCarthy and keeping the same coordinators. Fitz to me would be such a Green Bay move and he fits Green Bay. Im just not sure he fits where the NFL is going with the offenses and wizardry scoring schemes. 

Im still perplexed by the uncharacteristic timing of McCarthys firing.  I think it may be tied to a coaching target.  Maybe not, but it just seemed odd the Packers and their traditions and class didnt wait.  JMO.
I'd think if they win out the rest of the season they would have to give him some serious consideration. 
Trust me.

The Bears remember Week 1 all too well. They still taste it, and they don't like it.

It won't be a repeat, they'll make sure of it.

Bears 31
Packers 10

Please make me eat crow Aaron.

I see what you are doing there danno!

Agree that most indicators point strongly in the Bears favor, but their is a reason they still play the game and the Packers are not without a punchers chance.

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