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Draft Talk / Re: Your Top 5 for Round 1...
« Last post by footballdad on April 20, 2018, 03:28:36 PM »
Good lists by all.

IMO a good pass rush will help the secondary a little more than the other way around. Having said that, my picks would be based upon who I think will be there AND best player available.

1) Leighton Vander Esch - Ready to step on the field. Will be an instant upgrade over Ryan. The sky is the limit for this kid.
2) Harold Landry - At this point he may be a one trick pony, but that is one helluva trick!
3) Vita Vea - While he may not get the sacks, he will push the pocket. QB's hate nothing more than a pocket collapsing from the inside. Would be a valuable part of a rotation.
4) Marcus Davenport - All the physical tools one could want. Will experience some growing pains. Has the potential to be a force but may take some time. If he was a finished product he would be long gone before 14.
5) Josh Jackson - Film does not lie. Film is outstanding.

Actually as far as I'm concerned you could put these names in a hat and shake them up. Take one to the podium and I'd be happy.

Just as important as the first pick is how they follow up through the next few rounds.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Packers 2018 partial schedule
« Last post by marklawrence on April 20, 2018, 02:46:07 PM »
If we win 3 out of those 5 middle games, we should consider ourselves very lucky.
Draft Talk / Re: Your Top 5 for Round 1...
« Last post by Gregg on April 20, 2018, 12:59:43 PM »
I would love to get Nelson, but I think he is gone in the top ten. Nelson is going to turn out to be a Pro Bowl guard for a long time.
The same was said of Guard Jonathan Cooper (7th overall in 2013). Even 'sure things' aren't.

I like both Smith and Landry and I think they will be there.
I'm not sure how Smith fits with the Packers. A 6'1", 235lb outside linebacker with his athleticism is a fit as a 4-3 Will, he doesn't translate to a 3-4 OLB, where you want 6'3" to 6'6"  height and 255-265 lb.

You are comparing apples and oranges with Cooper and Nelson.

Cooper was about three inches shorter and about 20 pounds lighter, with nowhere near the strength and run blocking ability Nelson has.  Nelson pancakes guys.  Cooper was more of a pulling type, finesse guard.  I was never on his bandwagon.  Nelson has the ability to be not just Pro Bowl, but all Pro, he is that dominant in the run game.

Smith is what we need on our LB corps.  The trend has been to faster, quicker guys who can run down sweeps from the inside and cover RB and TE over the middle zone.  Smith is  a 4.5 guy who is also very quick and can avoid blocks.  Neither of our MLB have that kind of ability.  Especially Ryan.  With Smith and Martinez, we could put CM 3 and Perry on the outside.
Draft Talk / Re: Your Top 5 for Round 1...
« Last post by claymaker on April 20, 2018, 12:21:13 PM »
1 - Minkah Fitzpatrick : Really talented DB. I believe he won't fall out of the top 10, but he's my pipe dream player this year. You need to have a talented secondary just as much as you need a formidable pass rush. Fitzpatrick would dominate in the middle of the field as a slot style CB.

2 - Marcus Davenport : It appears Green Bay will have a realistic shot at seeing him on their board in the first round. Most athletic pass rusher in the draft, and should impact the pass rush as a rookie. I wouldn't pass on him.

3 - Josh Jackson : Ballhawking CB. Good athleticism and the height you want in your boundary CBs. He will be there at 14 if Green Bay wants him.

4 - DJ Moore : My favorite WR in this year's draft. Great RAC guy. Strong, explosive route runner. A faster Davante Adams. Taking him at 14 would turn a few heads, but it wouldn't bother me too much.

5 - Calvin Ridley : Slightly behind DJ Moore in my analysis, but I still like him a lot.

My best case scenario is Fitzpatrick @14 with a trade back into the 1st for Davenport. Most likely scenario, to me, would be taking Davenport @14. Jackson @14 isn't a bad plan B.
Draft Talk / Re: Your Top 5 for Round 1...
« Last post by SB XLIX on April 20, 2018, 11:33:00 AM »
I cant imagine that James, Landry, Jackson, Fitzpatrick and Nelson are all available.  If one of those guys is available (except Nelson) they would probably do well to take him.
I don't like the little CB Ward, Smith seems slight as well, but he will be gone anyway.
If I look at CBS Sports or NFL.com top 15, none of these guys are left at 14.  Maybe one makes it if 4 QBs are taken, but it seems a stretch to think that teams really believe there are 4 franchise QBs in this draft.
Draft Talk / Re: Your Top 5 for Round 1...
« Last post by The GM on April 20, 2018, 10:50:20 AM »
Barring anything crazy happening (trade, player X dropping), and you know it will.  I think their choice will come down to Davenport or Josh Jackson.  Both are needs, both could go right about that time if not sooner.  I think if the Packer go up a few spots it will be for James or Ward.  I heard they really like Ward but he'll be long gone by 14.  Do they like him enough to go get him??  JMO

We should also start getting PED usage, MJ usage, police reports, wonderlic scores, girlfriend accusations, runs with the wrong crowd,  he's put on 30 pounds since the combine, and all the dirt that comes with the week of the NFL draft.  Cant wait.
Draft Talk / Re: Your Top 5 for Round 1...
« Last post by RT on April 20, 2018, 08:42:03 AM »
Vita Vea may well be their selection. In looking at him as a pick in the first 16 of the 1st round makes me think of something Ron Wolf once said. On some TV draft coverage after he retired, they were discussing a players draft potential as a high 1st round pick. Wolf's comment was something like, 'you don't draft front seven defensive players in top half of the 1st round that are not high volume sackers of the QB'. That comment has always stuck with me and does make perfect to me.   
Draft Talk / Re: Big Boards
« Last post by RT on April 20, 2018, 08:30:12 AM »
In putting together a Packers big board this morning made me wonder how many outliers would be on their board and how does it effect their draft grade with the Packers.

In reviewing roughly 800 player bio's and gathering their workout info, I have 141 players that are Packers types. From from what I have gathered thru the years is that is about the typical volume of a NFL teams big board. I am not claiming that this is the Packers big board. Many factors could lead to someone who meets all the benchmarks testing wise, but being removed because of off the field issues or medical questions.

In doing this exercize their were many players I liked as potential Packers, but didn't qualify in one way or another. An outlier. In going back and looking at outliers that the Packers have drafted was interesting. The vast majority of them were later round selections like Malachi Dupre was last year. OLinemen wise, I found 2 ( Jamon Meredith/2009 and Caleb Schlauderaff/2011) and the interesting thing on those 2 is that they are the few failed OL drafted in the past 12 years. Randall Cobb (was a inch to short) is the only outlier that I know of that was drafted in the first 3 rounds since TT became GM. Did they have a first round grade on him minus his height and was he just to good a value to pass on at the end of the 2nd round? None of us will probably ever know the answer to that question.

But it makes me wonder about a player like WR Anthony Miller from Memphis. He also is to short, but anyone who has watched much of him has to love the idea of their team drafting him. Is he on the Packers board? Probably. Is his grade lowered a round because of him height? Maybe. Their are several players that similar questions can be ask about. Between medicals, off the field issues and who the outliers are we will never have a complete Packers big board, but hopefully we can narrow the prospects down to probable selections.   
Draft Talk / Re: Your Top 5 for Round 1...
« Last post by The GM on April 20, 2018, 07:45:40 AM »
1) Vita Vea- I know we don't need DT now but game changer with special abilities which will make CBs look better
2) Harold Landry- the more I see the more I like
3) Derwin James- anyone with comparisons to our past game changer Charles Woodson would be a have to; again not place of need but BPA
4) Minkah Fitzpatrick- for same reasons as James
5) Denzel Ward- another top notch CB would help the defense immensely

I love Vea, he wont be a big sack guy, but I love what he brings.  Hes an extremely active 340 pound tackle.  As you said, hes not a need for GB, but I wouldnt be disappointed if they took him.  If you want to build a great defense, starting with him would be a solid choice for some team in this draft. 
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Packers 2018 partial schedule
« Last post by WTX_Cheese on April 20, 2018, 07:40:36 AM »
There's a ROUGH stretch after the Bye week.

vs. Miami
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