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Author Topic: 2013 Draft Class - Chance of Instant Impact  (Read 4028 times)

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2013 Draft Class - Chance of Instant Impact
« on: May 15, 2013, 07:40:28 AM »
As many people know, many fans tend to overrate the impact the rookie class will have in the first year. The problem for the Packers IMO, was that we really need an instant impact. One of the biggest issues on the team is the running game, and I don't really see where the upgrade is going to come from out of players already on the team. Maybe Alex Green can be that guy being 2 years removed from that ACL injury finally, but that's being pretty optimistic IMO.

Another big issue was the DL. Pickett's only getting older (not younger). Where is the improvement going to come from on the DL if rookies don't step up? Wilson seems to be a depth guy with limited athleticism. He's not the prototypical size from, either, and guys having limited upside due to size seems to be a common theme with a lot of our depth guys on the DL. Can Neal step up? Maybe, but it's more likely that he doesn't last the season than steps up IMO. Jerel Worthy would be set to make a jump I think, but he's gone for most of the season and maybe all of it.

The Packers OL was an issue last y ear. There seems to be more of likelihood that a non-rookie could step up here over the RB and DL positions, but the Packers really need better play out of multiple positions, so even if one guy steps up (lets say EDS becomes a good starter at C), there is still a need at RT. To think that a guy will emerge at both C and RT (or RG and RT if Lang plays C) is optimistic IMO.

Most people seem to think these are the 3 problematic areas that caused the Packers to come up short of the Super Bowl. FA's weren't signed to fix these areas. So can the rookie class step up and have a more immediate impact than a rookie class normally does? More specifically, can this rookie class fill the needs of RB, DL, and OL to avoid coming up short of becoming Super Bowl Champions for the same reasons as last year?

Well, looking at things at first glance, I feel the Packers have some hope that this rookie class can make more of an immediate impact than most rookie classes. Rounds 5-7 are basically throwaway rounds in this conversation IMO, because it's hard enough for these late round guys to make the roster let alone make an impact let alone make an instant impact without having the chance to develop.

So who was drafted in rounds 1-4:
1) Datone Jones
2) Eddie Lacy
4a) David Bakhtiari
4b) JC Tretter
4c) Jonathan Franklin

The first thing that strikes me is that TT seems to think the way that most of us seem to think about the needs on this team. All 5 of the picks in the first 4 rounds fit either the DL, OL, or RB positions. So I think the need question is answered right off the bat if you assume these guys can step up this year, so the question becomes, can these guys step up this year?

The question of whether or not these guys can step up right away is a more complicated one obviously, but I feel there are some positive indicators. UCLA is run by a pro staff with Jim Mora and Co. I don't think many people would argue against that. Also on the UCLA point, their defense is a 3-4 that apparently uses a lot of the same terminology according to Datone Jones. I'd have to imagine the UCLA offense uses a lot of pro terminology as well. I'd also say that RB is a position where a player can come in and make an impact pretty quickly, even if they have to be protected a bit because of pass protections responsibilities and things like that (Starks and Harris both made quick impacts). On the DL, I think it's harder to make that quick impact, but as I said, the UCLA background should help Jones, and he's also an athletic 1st round pick. So Franklin should have a good chance to make a quick impact, and Jones should have a better-than-the-average-DL's chance to make an impact.

So that leaves Lacy, Bakhtiari, and Tretter. Lacy seems like he should have a good chance to make a quick impact coming from the SEC and being a RB. I think things are considerably harder for OL's...especially C's. Tretter comes from the Ivy League, so his jump to the NFL should be a big one. He's pretty athletic for a 4th rounder (some of you may not care, but he was pretty high in that Agility:Size Index), and he had a really good Wonderlic. Still, the C position is a tough one to catch on to so I'd limit his chances of making a big impact in the first year (assuming C is where the Packers put him). Bakhtiari...well, everybody knows I'm pretty biased on him. I do see that he has some things to work on. I think he could be at least as good as Barclay, though. Bakhtiari had a good Wonderlic as well (but not as good as Tretter's) so that should help him. Obviously Bakhtiari comes from a smaller school as well (although Solder was pretty good coming from the same school). I think there is a chance that these OL's could make an impact, but I don't think they'd be any better than average in their first year. I just think that we were pretty bad at the positions last year, so average would be an upgrade. Below average could even be an upgrade.

Anyways, I'd be interested to see what other people have to say on the instant impact conversation. I don't think all of these guys will step up, but I'd be surprised if none of them did.

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Re: 2013 Draft Class - Chance of Instant Impact
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2013, 11:24:57 AM »
I expect Jones, Lacy, and maybe Franklin to make an impact.  Jones - because he has a good base knowledge of the defense, and because he is going to play at the same size he is now.  He doesn't have to change his body the way Worthy did last year.  Lacy and Franklin - because RB has always been a position that has been easier than most for rookies to contribute.  Both guys look ready to roll.  I expect Lacy to get at least 3x the carries that Franklin will get.  Franklin should get a good look as a return man.  As for the offensive linemen, I'd give Tretter the advantage for seeing the field this year but really like Bakhtiari's potential.  I think Josh Boyd could see some time.  If he plays the run well enough to take Wilson's roster spot, he has to have better pass rush potential, right?  He looks a bit taller and longer than Wilson.  Besides, someone has to play end when they play base.

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Re: 2013 Draft Class - Chance of Instant Impact
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2013, 07:06:24 PM »
Mr Jones (Datone) can play base .. He's 2 pounds smaller then Justin smith is


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Re: 2013 Draft Class - Chance of Instant Impact
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2013, 09:36:57 AM »
Drew, I think you have it about right.

My guess is Jones, Lacy, and Franklin will contribute from Day 1 with Bahktiari probably logging time beginning around mid-season.  I think Tretter might need more seasoning, but he appears to have the physical attributes to play at the NFL level.  Depending of training camp, I wouldn't be surprised to see Boyd become a rotation guy.

I will be interested to see if either WRs develop enough to play this season.  And Barrington and Palmer could be special teams guys.