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Author Topic: Backup QB  (Read 1757 times)

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Re: Backup QB
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Blaine Gabbert could be a decent back up.  Granted he didn't exactly light the world on fire but think he could do well in GB.  How about Alex Smith?  That would be ironic wouldn't it?  Don't know what is going to  happen to him but would expect he'll try to get a starting gig.  Good chance the Chiefs will release him.  Know it won't happen unless he gets no takers which is unlikely.  He would be a superb back up.

It is a pretty deep draft class for QB's.  We might be able to snag a decent developmental project in the middle rounds. Most likely scenario.

Last possibility is one of the top QB's in the class drops to us and we draft our QB of the future.  It would be a bold move by Gute but if you stop to think about it not such a bad idea.  Assuming Aaron comes back strong we won't have another pick this high again until he retires.   Pack would go into the tank and it could take a few years before we find the next franchise guy.