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Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Earl Thomas
« Last post by The GM on Today at 07:23:42 AM »
If Thomas is happy with his contract, he will come to Green Bay and do well.  His issue in Seattle was the Seahawks failure to negotiate a new deal.  The question about Thomas is his health and are you willing to overpay him to come to Green Bay?  Pay him and you will get his best.  Gute will have to determine what and if that price is worth it versus going after someone else.
Draft Talk / Re: 2019 Draft and beyond
« Last post by Hands on Today at 07:16:08 AM »
Lazard and Boykins are similar receivers. They have speed but usually considered possession receivers. If PackerJoe is correct...Boykin could be a TE candidate, but not Lazard. Lazard doesn't have the weight/strength to become one.
Draft Talk / Re: Tight Ends 2019
« Last post by Hands on Today at 06:42:36 AM »
TEs  hardly ever get drafted early, but rather later in the 1st round. I don't know if it's because they don't run good routes, or need to develop strength for the pro game. Vernon David and Ebron are two that I can think of and Davis ran the 40 in 4.4 weighing 240+ pounds, if my memory is right.
From what I have read, not making me an expert, is that Fant will test much better than Hockenson and his blocking isn't that bad. So on potential...maybe the Pack waits and grabs Fant or Smith in the second round. Either way, the Packers would be foolish to ignore the TE talent in this year's draft just not at 12.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Earl Thomas
« Last post by Hands on Today at 06:33:48 AM »
Thomas isn't coming to Green Bay. Now that doesn't mean Gutsy won't find another safety to sign. Just like footballdad said...sign a vet and draft a safety as well. Secure that position that has been an area of weakness for years.
NFL Talk / Re: Morgan Burnett requests release from Steelers
« Last post by PackerJoe on Today at 05:19:58 AM »
Afraid to tackle and was not very good in pass coverage.  I'll pass.  Save your money for someone good like Earl Thomas!
NFL Talk / Re: Browns sign Kareem Hunt
« Last post by PackerJoe on Today at 05:18:56 AM »
The Bears coaching staff who has ties to Hunt was thinking this was a lock to bring him on board.  They forgot that the person in charge of the Bears veto'd that idea from Day 1.  There's a line to be drawn and she drew it emphatically!
Draft Talk / Re: Tight Ends 2019
« Last post by PackerJoe on Today at 05:16:02 AM »
I have very high expectations for folks drafted in the first round.  History of tight ends drafted in the 1st rd shows they take a while to develop.  Fortunately, we do have 2 first rd picks this year.  My only concern is that our defense is lame.  However, if we can sign some defensive free agents (Ford, Thomas, Jarrett, etc.), that alters my decision and lean towards a TE.  I am not in favor of drafting a WR in the 1st or 2nd rd.  Management made a terrible decision in letting Nelson go.  I understand the reasoning, the Cobb, Allison and Kumerow injury did not help and forced us to to go to plan C, three rookies.

I do like Kentucky's TE (CJ Conrad), he's big, he blocks and he catches balls over the middle!  He doesn't get all the kudos that some of the other folks get.  I'm not quite enamored as alot of folks are about the two Iowa tight ends, but we'll see. 
Draft Talk / Re: Tight Ends 2019
« Last post by footballdad on Today at 02:24:59 AM »
Why not? We have a TE who cannot and never could block, will be 33 at the mid point of the season, and is clearly on the downside. We also have an undrafted free agent who has shown flashes of ability, but just a tease at this point. Clearly everything you mentioned is a need. TE is as well. IMO teams are built by selecting the best player. The point is having a better guy than the opposing player on the other side of the ball. Hockenson is that guy.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Earl Thomas
« Last post by footballdad on Today at 02:10:28 AM »
No matter how much we would like to see Thomas in GB, it's not going to happen. He wants to play for Dallas. Period. Should set our sights a little lower.
Adrian Amos or Tre Boston. Good draft for the safety position as well. Adderley, Thompson, Abrams, Thornhill, Rapp. No reason to break the bank for someone who would much rather be elsewhere.
Draft Talk / Re: Tight Ends 2019
« Last post by packlaw on Today at 01:54:57 AM »
No way we take a tight end at #12. Our #1 priority is edge or DL and there should be one or the other at #12.  Like or not, we still have Graham.  An edge rusher, dl, safety and OL are our priorities.
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