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Mock Drafts / Danno's Mock V-4.0
« Last post by dannobanano on Today at 12:49:13 PM »
Final Mock before the Combine.

2018 Packers Draft V 4.0

Lost/cut in FA: Morgan Burnett, Randall Cobb, Ahmad Brooks. Jahri Evans, Richard Rodgers, Ulrick John, Demetri Goodson, Jeff Janis.

Kept/signed in FA: Davon House, Quinton Dial, Brett Goode, Trey Burton, Trent Murphy.

Restructured: Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews.

2018 Draft:

Round 1 -  Harold Landry/OLB/Boston College

Round 2 -  Marcell Ateman/ WR/Oklahoma St.

Round 3 - Quenton Meeks/CB/Stanford

Round 3a - Justin Lawler/ Edge-OLB/SMU

Round 4 - Tyrell Crosby/OT/Oregon

Round 5 - Rashaad Penny/RB/San Deigo St.

Round 5a - Godwin Igwebuike/S/Northwestern

Round 5b - Adam Breneman/TE/U-Mass

Round 5c - Chase Litton/QB/Marshall

Round 6 - Olive Sagapolu/DT-NT/WIS

Round 7 -  Jack Cichy/ILB/WIS

Round 7a - Jeff Badet/WR-KR/Oklahoma
Mock Drafts / Danno's Mock V-3.0
« Last post by dannobanano on Today at 12:47:05 PM »
Packer Mock Draft V-3.0

Trade: Randall Cobb for 5th round pick
Sign in FA:
TE / Trey Burton & Crockett Gillmore

CB / Davon House & Rashaan Melvin

3-4 OLB / Connor Barwin and/or Trent Murphy......or, David Bass, or /Barkevious Mingo


1st: Mike McGlinchy/OT/Notre Dame

2nd: Lorenzo Carter/OLB/Georgia

3rd: Royce Freeman/RB/Oregon

3rd-a: Dalton Schultz/TE/Stanford

4th: Siran Neal/S/Jacksonville St.

4th-a: Mike Love/OLB/South Florida (traded up with two 5th rnd comp's and 6th rnd)

5th: Riley Ferguson/QB/Memphis

5th-a: Mike Gallup/WR/Colorado St. (from Cobb trade)

7th: Brendon Mahon/G/Penn St.
Mock Drafts / Danno's Mock V-2.0
« Last post by dannobanano on Today at 12:43:23 PM »
Packers Mock Version 2.0
(3 comps this version; 3rd-5th-6th)

1st Round: Arden Key/OLB/LSU
Questions about his motor. Runs hot/cold, but he can be a dominant pass rusher.

2nd Round: Darius Leonard/ILB/South Carolina St.
Might be the best ILB after Smith. Makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage.

3rd Round: Carlton Davis/CB/Auburn
Big physical press-man CB who would fit well in Pettine's scheme

3rd Round-a: James Hearns/OLB/Louisville
Might be a situational pass rusher, but that's his forte'.

4th Round: Dalton Schultz/TE/Stanford
Both a solid blocker and receiver. Stanford has produced a lot of NFL TE's in recent years.

5th Round: Jake Wieneke/WR/South Dakota St.
Small school WR who has averaged 14.75 TD catches over his 4 years at SDSU.

5th Round-a: Martez Carter/RB/Grambling
A bigger version of the Bears Tarik Cohen.

6th Round: Beau Benzschawel/OG/Wisconsin
Long armed athletic OL who performed well for UW. Needs better pad level. Coachable.

6th Round-a: Godwin Igwebuike/S/ Northwestern
Solid defender for Northwestern for all 4 years there.

7th Round: Cole Madison/OT/Washington St.
Right OT for an outstanding Wash. St. offense. Excelled in pass pro.
Mock Drafts / Re: Danno's Mock V-1.0
« Last post by dannobanano on Today at 09:49:29 AM »
No DL?  So you're going more heavily on LBers to create more pass rush/pressure? Just wondering. And seven offensive picks, and four defensive picks? I'm interested in your reasoning for this particular draft bias toward the offense.

I think enough pieces are in place for DL, ricky.
They can probably resign Dial at a reasonable price if they want. He's not much of a pass rusher, but he's solid against the run.
I'm crossing my fingers that Montravious Adams makes that year-1 to year-2 improvement. At any rate, he'd be no worse than a rookie (IMO).
Daniels/Clark/Lowry are a solid DL base.

Resign House @ CB (I also like Rahsaan Melvin of INDY),and bring in a veteran ILB (Zach Brown, or someone?)........those two would make 6 additions to the defense.

So total additions would be:
Defense - 6
Offense - 8

I don't see that as bias. Especially since TT heavily leaned defense, at the expense of offense, over the last 3-4 years.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Bears waive Sitton
« Last post by dannobanano on Today at 09:38:45 AM »
I could see the Cowboys make a run for Sitton. It's one of the few teams where he could start, make a difference, has a chance to make the playoffs, and collect some cash. BTW the Jags would fit that as well.

I've read about JAX as a potential landing spot for JS as well.
Burnett's career stats:


Let's take the INT's out of the equation, and lets look at how many tackles, PDF's, and FF's he's had over the life of his current contract.

2014 - Games/15 - total tackles/105 - PDF's/5 - FF/1
2015 - Games/11 - total tackles/47 - PDF's/5 - FF/2
2016 - Games/15 - total tackles/68 - PDF's/9 - FF/0
2017 - Games/12 - total tackles/48 - PDF's/3 - FF/1

So in the 4 years of his current contract, he's been available for 73% of the games.
He's averaged 5.05 tackles/game.
He's averaged 5.5 PDF's/season
He's averaged 1.0 FF's/season

There seems to be this line of thought that Burnett should be paid almost like Charles Woodson was paid.
What were CW's (average) stats over 7 yrs in Green Bay?

Total tackles - 3.79/game
PDF's - 14.14/season
FF's - 2.14/season

Both have brought leadership qualities to the field.

But Woodson was a game changer. Burnett has been more of a "manager" of the defense.

MM says he wants Burnett back (as any good coach would say). Good. But at what cost to the cap? That's not MM's call.

Burnett / 9 INT's - 8 yrs.
Woodson / 38 INT's - 7 yrs.
(couldn't resist)

Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Morgan Burnett - Perception vs. Reality
« Last post by craig on Today at 05:46:43 AM »
Other note here.
I well understand that turnovers are huge.  And over a career, the infrequency of INT's is more than coincidence. 

Still, interceptions are not necessarily a primary indication of secondary play.  They come in such small volumes, and are so often so fluky, a tipped ball by a receiver here, a bad miss by a QB there...; I'm not always sure how much it's a skill of the safety, or that the safety is causing an INT rather than lucking into some?  Probably it can be an anti-skill to drop some of the opportunities, and a skill to have awareness and hands to catch some. 

Still, other than superstar guys, even good safeties only intercept like 2-4 balls per year, maybe? 

Within every game, I'd hope the defense gets the opponent into 3rd-down situations multiple times a game.  Every 3rd-down stop is a chance of possession, kind of like an interception creates change of possession.  So, hypothetically a good safety could be deflecting 3rd down passes or covering a guy well enough so that the pressure has more time for a sack, and stuff, and still resulting in change-of-possession. 

I also imagine that perhaps zone might sometimes be variably better for interceptions, but worse for stopping 1st-down completions?

Again, I'm not trying to downplay the game-changing impact of interceptions, they are huge.  But that should be viewed as a significant part but not necessarily the most important part of the whole picture in evaluating a safety?   
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Morgan Burnett - Perception vs. Reality
« Last post by Hands on Today at 05:38:10 AM »
A vet like Burnett knows this is probably his last contract. He'll go where he needs to in order to get paid. So the kids have to step up this year and fill in for Burnett. Won't be easy....but that's the NFL.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Bears waive Sitton
« Last post by OneTwoSixFive on Today at 01:55:18 AM »
31 and with a bad back. If his contract is small enough, give it a try. Although I think that ship has sailed.

I agree Scott, that ship has sailed. For all that fans might think that both parties could be professional enough to work together again, I don't see that. What I see is that Sitton is not happy with the Packers org and will not want to come back, and the Packers will not want him back. Once you see talk surfacing about Sitton as a distraction and potential problem in the locker room (which must have come from the coaches/players originally) he is never likely to return.
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