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NFL Talk / Re: Report: Texans plan to release Brian Cushing
« Last post by ricky on Today at 12:06:47 PM »
Is it the NFL yardsale season already?

Definitely. Here are two guys that might have some interest in GB. Peters more than Martin, but what the heck, they're apparently available, its the off season, so why not opine on whether either of these guys could help the team, without causing undue problems.


Now, this next one is more touchy, as it would require a trade, and exactly what is the backstory of his problems in KC? But a good CB would be a good addition for the Packers. Whether it should be Peters is another question.

NFL Talk / Re: Top 10 Quarterbacks Worth Pursuing via Free Agency or Draft
« Last post by ricky on Today at 11:56:13 AM »
I may be wrong, but I think most NFL GM's would rate the Redskins skill position players as a group, a stronger group than the Broncos.

Probably true. But, would the addition of Cousins make them immediate SB contenders? And again, if he is that much of a difference maker, why doesn't Washington invest in him and build the team around hhim? Why did they give a contract to an older QB who has not been a difference maker on the teams he has played on? If he (Cousins) was that good, he'd have gotten a contract in Washington. He didn't. And the thought of franchising him is a pipe dream, IMO. Guaranteeing him $34 million, and then hoping some team will offer them a package of players and/or picks for his services? That would be a huge gamble.

So, fellow posters, the questions are still unanswered: Why didn't Washington sign him to a long term contract and then build the team around him?  Why bring in an older QB who has not shown the ability to lead his teams to post-season success?
Draft Talk / Re: Would you trade Rodgers to Cleveland?
« Last post by ricky on Today at 11:33:50 AM »
So, what you're suggesting is trading a franchise QB, a guy who is one of the two best QBs in the league, and in the top 15-20 all time, for two unknown, unproven players? Um, no. I wouldn't do that. And as far as Cleveland never doing this deal, why not? They would get- well, I already pointed out what they would get. And what would they lose? Two possibles, with a probability of failure of those two picks being pretty high. Say somewhere north of 50% failure rate. Here is an article that delves into the issue: http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap2000000346036

My question is, why do some people seem so eager to get rid of Rodgers? Was his loss last season for an extended period not proff that he is more important than any other player on the roster, much less a couple of guys who have not done anything in the NFL. This type of "thinking" just mystifies me. If you could expand on why this would be a good idea, other than "We'd (the Packers) would have three of the top fourteen draft choices" (which is pretty meaningless, IMO), why even contemplate this terrible, terrible deal?   
Draft Talk / Would you trade Rodgers to Cleveland?
« Last post by RT on Today at 10:33:30 AM »
First off before anyone loses their minds, their is very close to zero percent chance that either side would make this trade. But........... if the Browns offered their 2 1st round picks (1st and 4th overall) for Rodgers, would you make that deal? Remember that the Browns front office is now full of former Packers people and who knows the Packers players any better than they do. After getting over the original shock of such an idea, it would have some very highend potential for both sides.

The fantasy trade aside, I do expect to see some dealings between these two teams this offseason.

Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: surprise! packers cornerbacks still suck
« Last post by RT on Today at 09:17:20 AM »

And on another note, not surprising that the totalpackers.com site still sucks. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: surprise! packers cornerbacks still suck
« Last post by RT on Today at 09:14:28 AM »
I wouldn't say our CB's suck.  There is talent.  Randall, King, and House are solid guys.  Have some young developmental guys in Hawkins and Waters.  The cupboard is not bare.  Think Pettine scheme change will do these guys some good.  KISS principle.  Let there natural abilities and instincts take over.  That being said we could use another starter.  House is a decent CB always liked him.  If we can't score a top CB in the draft or FA I'd bring him back.

Agree on all points. This position group as much as any will benefit from the coaching changes. Their is talent there.
NFL Talk / Re: Top 10 Quarterbacks Worth Pursuing via Free Agency or Draft
« Last post by RT on Today at 09:09:22 AM »
I take it that this list is intended only for teams that don't have a QB like AR already on their roster?

Having said that, I would be happy if GB signed a veteran backup like Chad Henne, Matt Moore, Ryan Mallett, or Ryan Fitzpatrick.


I would also be happy with a D/D QB like Mike White, Riley Ferguson, Chas Litton, Kyle Lauletta, or Kurt Benkert.

Backup in GB? Brock Osweiler. What still would bother me with Cousins is the refusal of Washington to give him a contract, instead of franchising him. This is the team that knows him best. As someone on a sports call in show opined, Cousins produces good stats, but not wins. Would that change if, for erxample, he went to Denver? Maybe. But the Broncos recent run of QB acquisitions doesn't make me feel they really know how to evaluate QB talent.

Keenum? Interesting. Is he a one year wonder, or has the "light finally come on"? How many million would you be willing to bet its the former? And start at around $100 million. McCarron? Cleveland had been interested, but is the new GM, Dorsey, interested? If not, how likely would the owner be to try to push his agenda? Bradford and Bridgewater are both facing injury issues. The former much more serious doubts, because the guy simply can't be trusted to stay healthy for an entire year. So, do you try to sign Bridgewater to a one year "prove it" contract? If he does well, you face the same dilemma you have with Keenum- a fluke or a trend?

I am so, so happy the Packers don't have this problem. And, unless something catastrophic happens, won't have to face this conundrum for a few more years.

Kind of a mute point since WASH is acquiring Alex Smith. But if WASH had not done that, there was a chance they may have franchised him again http://www.nbcsports.com/washington/washington-redskins/dont-count-out-third-straight-franchise-tag-kirk-cousins-and-heres-why , but it would have cost WASH around $34M against the 2018 cap. Even though the have >$48M in cap space, they also have 17 other UFA's to consider signing in addition to Cousins.
It's true, that Cousins hadn't taken them to the promised land. But WASH doesn't have the same caliber of skilled position players (WR's & RB's) that DEN does either. It will be interesting to see where he lands.

I may be wrong, but I think most NFL GM's would rate the Redskins skill position players as a group, a stronger group than the Broncos.
NFL Talk / Re: Report: Texans plan to release Brian Cushing
« Last post by RT on Today at 09:03:42 AM »
Is it the NFL yardsale season already? 
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Packers have hardest 2018 schedule
« Last post by RT on Today at 09:01:40 AM »
It is a talking point I guess, but year after year this is brought up and year after year it is proven to have little to no basis. One year ago were people thinking the Rams, Jags and Eagles were going to be difficult games? They certainly didn't weigh heavily on the strength of schedule scale. The NFL is more about when they play another team and not who they are playing.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: SB LIII Odds
« Last post by RT on Today at 08:49:14 AM »
Vegas wasn't build on having lines out of whack. They have the Packers as one of the favorite for next years Super Bowl and they should be. Some minor retooling (like every team will do) and I cannot think of any other team with a better chance to win it all.
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