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One thing you have to remember with that chart is that the 'round' the picks are in goes out of whack as soon as comp picks come in at the end of round three. For example, add seven extra round 3 comps, before you get to round 4, etc.

The best deal I see there (as much as you can predict anything in the draft before it happens) is to use the second of their round four picks, plus their third, to get up to the first pick in round three (or maybe even the last one in round 2). The top of the third is where (on the current Bleacher report big board) good FS guys like Nasir Adderley, Juan Thornhill and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson go. You could do something like going Edge, OT, TE, FS, with the first four picks. You would need another decent veteran safety to fill out the roster, but there are a few that might be available. you could also try moving Josh Jackson to safety, which seems to fit his skillset better, but then that would require further investment in CB.
Draft Talk / running backs
« Last post by mancl on Today at 02:49:24 PM »
Williams and Jones are a nice combination at running back.  But you have to be concerned that Jones has finished both of his seasons on IR.  With this in mind the Packers could use some depth in the mid rounds areas, I am thinking.   They also need to find a kick returner someplace so if this guy can return kickoffs and/ or punts so much the better.

I haven't looked at this position but if someone can give me names to jump start my efforts I would appreciate it.

Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Assistant Coach Hirings/Firings
« Last post by #66 on Today at 02:37:46 PM »
Adam Stenavich is the new OL coach. He used to be a Kyle Shanahan assistant. From Marshfield. Not much experience.
Draft Talk / Initial/Short Analysis of the 2019 Draft for Green Bay
« Last post by claymaker on Today at 09:10:12 AM »
Draft Capitol

---> Green Bay holds 10 draft picks and are not projected to receive any compensatory picks in 2019. They have multiple picks in rounds 1, 4 and 6.

---> The rough estimation of their total numerical draft value is 2704. Over half of this total value [1790] is comprised of their first round picks.

---> They have picks in every round and IMO have the greatest diversity of picks which will allow them to target and draft players however they wish.

Draft Analysis

---> Their first pick will be more valuable to them than other teams. Due to the amount of defensive talent and QBs in this draft class they will definitely be looking at a blue chip player at #12.

---> Their second 1st round pick will be very valuable in any trade scenario.

---> Their draft position will be ideal for teams looking to trade up, and attractive to teams in the top 10 after the 1st round.


Draft position is key this year. They are out of the top 10 but still top 15, which doesn't make it too expensive to trade up and teams looking to trade up will still have to offer considerable value [best of both worlds.]

With specific needs in mind Green Bay has all the ammunition to solidify them and still create depth with other picks.

Their draft equity is among the highest in the NFL; From my initial analysis their draft equity is similar to teams in the top 5 and even greater than Tampa Bay [2614.]


The highest and most reasonable trade up in the 1st round I can see is @3 with the New York Jets: By trading both 1st round picks, 2nd round, and both 4th round picks, which is a ~200 net loss in draft value for Green Bay. This would be an attractive offer to a team with, respectively, low draft capitol. It's hard to definitively state the details, realistically more value might be needed, but a 200 net gain with 2 first round picks and 4 total is an attractive offer. Not going to elaborate on anymore trades, but this is likely the grandest trade they could make.

Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: O line
« Last post by #66 on Today at 08:49:22 AM »
I had read that about Cole and the suicide somewhere too. The two players were very close and the thought is that Madison somehow provided either the gun or the training.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Assistant Coach Hirings/Firings
« Last post by #66 on Today at 08:47:22 AM »
Apparently they are trying to bring Getsy back. People may remember him for his various drills with WRs that, I believe, included bricks and tennis balls.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: O line
« Last post by craig on Today at 05:43:14 AM »
Good thought, 1265.
I like your point that it's a very good unit with some concerns.  That a good guard would impact.
I'd kinda like to maybe see a double-dip:  both sign a good FA guard, AND spend a variably high draft pick on an OL.

A reason I'd like to double-dip is that if you add one guy to eliminate your last concern, then the minute one of the 5 guys gets hurt you're back to having a vulnerable spot.  Plus of course you're trusting that the guy you pick is going to be good day one, unlike high picks past such as Spriggs and Sherrod.  It would be so nice to have a prospect with a chance to perhaps be really good waiting in line, kind of like Bulaga as a rookie.   

I realize the roster is thin all over, so aspiring to have any depth at OL might be unrealistically obsessive!
Draft Talk / Re: Options
« Last post by OneTwoSixFive on Today at 02:50:10 AM »
First off, lets look at the Packers most glaring needs:

A starting free safety
shoring up the offensive line
outside pass rush
inside pass rush

Now lets take a look at the draft:

Deionte Thompson
Lukas Denis
Johnathan Abram

I would pass up L.Denis and J.Abram (and Jaquan Johnson, if you rate him) for other guys that are more FS than SS. They would include Nasir Adderley, Juan Thornhill and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. They all seem to fit in the late 2nd early third round area, though Thornhill's draft position has wide variance.

Hybrid DE / OLB
Clelin Ferrell
Rashan Gary
Zach Allen
Jaylon Ferguson
Chase Winovich

I'd add Charles Omenihu (Texas) to this group. Looks like a third round pick. https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2018/11/29/2019-nfl-draft-prospects-collegefootball-texas-charles-omenihu-scouting-report-interview/2/

Offensive Tackles

Jonah Williams
Greg Little
Jawaan Taylor
Dalton Risner
David Edwards
Andre Dillard
Yodny Cajuste
Kaleb McGary

Offensive Guards

Cody Ford
Michael Deiter
Chris Lindstrom

Risner, Cajuste and Ford all should be adept at playing both RG and RT, which would make them very attractive to the Packers who want RG help now and a starting RT after the end of the 2019 season when Bulaga's contract expires.

Answering the question as to where the value lies, it's all guesswork until the draft has happened, but you can make some assumptions on the grouping of talent. Round one (#12) could see an edge rusher like Polite, M.Sweat or, if lucky, Ferrell. The later round one pick looks good value for taking a versatile OT/OG like Cajuste or Ford. At free safety, later in round 2, to early in round three looks to be the sweet spot, with a choice of at least three.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: O line
« Last post by OneTwoSixFive on Today at 02:21:27 AM »
I am agreeing with RT about the quality of the o line as a unit. It is a very good unit, but with some concerns.
The excellent: David Bakhtiari
The very good: Corey Linsley
The good: Bryan Bulaga
The good enough: Lane Taylor
The bad: Byron Bell

What the O line needs. One starting RG, and one replacement for Bulaga after 2019. These can be fixed (for 2019) with just one pick. A guy like Cody Ford (draft, round 2) could fill in at RG and move to RT in 2020. Then the Packers would still need a RG in 2020, but the need is pushed a year into the future. Dalton Risner is another in this draft who could do the RG/RT thing. A lesser (and cheaper) version of Ford would be G Connor McGovern, but he doesn't have eventual RT capability.
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