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Author Topic: surprise! packers cornerbacks still suck  (Read 4149 times)

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Re: surprise! packers cornerbacks still suck
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I think sucking CB's at 1265 is history...

No more safeties trying to play CB

No more basketball players who wanted to play football

Good CB's are born to cover....and we have some good CB's

I agree. Five years of too many DBs should end here........for a while. We have the slot CB, we have the outside CB, and since they are both top guys, they have a good chance (along with King) of dominating the playing time allocated. It might take a short while before they start, but I don't expect it to take long. At Safety, Clinton Dix (first rounder), Josh Jones - now at safety rather than ILB - (2nd round), plus Brice, Evans, Whitehead backing up. Finally we have the coverage ILB type now, in the very athletic Oren Burks. Much of this is potential, but the talent is all in place.
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