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Draft favorites
« on: April 26, 2018, 08:33:14 AM »
I'm always interested in knowing who people like in the draft.    As names scroll across the board it adds a little more interest knowing someone's boy just got called.  Use your own criteria - could be a player you feel would be perfect for the Pack, a player you fear will forever be stained being drafted by the Bears or Vikings,  a player you know won't be a Packer but just think they're a great player, could be a good "human interest" story like Griffin, could just be a player from your school or hometown or just someone you Youtube scouted like the rest of us.    Who is that Shea Van Leighton Vander Esch of the world....?

+Saquon Barkley - obviously will never be a Packer.  Just think he's an absolute star in this league

+Tremaine Edmunds - My favorite player in the draft.   He's the lone player I hope the Packers trade up for.   A perfect complement to Martinez and great versatility for any 3-4 or 4-3 looks.  Will be 20 this coming week so lots of room to grow- physically and mentally.   I was initially concerned by his age - how will he hold up against grown men - but then remembered Kenny Clark was one of the youngest players in his draft class, still just 22 and developing into a top DL.

+Jaire Alexander - my personal top CB.   Aggressive and full of swagger.  Comes across as very professional and driven in interviews I've seen/heard.   Hope he holds up physically. 

+Nyheim Hines - not the joystick Tarik Cohen is but fun to watch.  Won't be a Packer but could be fun to watch if he lands in an offense like KC or NO or NE run

+Daurice Fountain - LOVE this guy.  Hoping he ends up with the Pack.   Zay Jones from ECU went in the 2nd round last year and while I don't think Fountain goes that high, I do think he might go much higher than expected.

+Equanimeous St. Brown - originally wrote him off but the more I've watched videos of him the more I've been drawn to him.  Matt Harmon at shows him to be analytically a better route runner than given credit for.   Would like to have seen what he could do with a real QB in college.  Most often compared to Martavis Bryant - without being a major headache like Bryant.    Some concern about his hands

+Austin Corbett - the next TJ Lang

+Justin Reid - has the potential to be the best safety in this draft  I'm not in the camp that believes we need another safety but I wouldn't argue with his value at #45
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Re: Draft favorites
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2018, 01:25:49 PM »
I'm going to list some of the guys who aren't talked about all that much.
1st guy-Justin Watson WR Penn. A Janis that can track the ball, has good hands, and seems to have very superior body control.
2nd guy-Josh Allen-  QB. I know but really think he's another Dan Marino.
3rd guy-Darious Phillips-CB-Short but powerful CB. he has tied the national record for taking interceptions back for TDs.
4th guy-Alex Cappa-OT Humbolt State He seems to have a great attitude when he plays football....kill his opponent!
5th guy-Louis Perez QB at Texas A&M Commerce. Love his completion % but limited arm strength. he's 6-2 219...not a bad guy to try and see if he can grow.
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