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How many of the eleven draftees will make it to the 53?

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It is rare that all draftees make to the 53 man roster; but this year I feel there is a good chance.  Obviously, the first four picks should be a given.  The next two have a real good chance.  After that, it is up in the air.  I have to hand it to our GM, he was looking at current needs and the future.
The future was addressed with the obtaining of New Orlean's first round pick next year.  The addition of Looney and Dennerson was done for the future as our DL is fairly set this year and Looney will be given a full year to develop and our edge rushers are set with Clay, Perry and Beigle so Dennnerson also can develop.  For those reasons, both will make the 53.
On special times there exists a real need for a long snapper and the job is Bradley's to lose.  As for punter, hang time, direction and distance is important and Scott is the best of the draft.  Vogel was good; but it is Scott's job to lose. 
The Pack needs a rt. guard and it is clear Madison has the tools.
The choice of three wide receivers took most by surprise.  However, the GM was looking to the future with maybe some help now.  I don't know about how Packer fans feel, but I am not impressed with any of our current wide receivers after Adams and Cobb. I think all three will make the roster for each has the size and speed the Packer's need.
At best, this should be an interesting camp as the alum battle the newbies for a roster vote for all the newbies...

I'd guess 7 make it, and the others go to practice squad. 
1.  Think first five picks, including WR Moore and OL Madison, are all pretty safe. 
2.  Think the two ST guys both make it, the punter with the big leg, and we saw what a bother it is last year to live without a snapper or a good holder. 
3.  Of the other four, the two straight-line WR, the 7th round D-lineman, and the 7th-round small-school OLB, I'd expect most of them to go practice squad, if they can. 

WR is pretty wide open, obviously.  So the tall straight-line-speed guys can compete with Clark and Yancey and Davis for end of roster.  (I'm figuring Allison and Moore for spots 3 and 4; then the two new guys can compete with four other old guys plus any new UDFA's for spots 5 and maybe 6.)

I don't think I'd feel comfortable if I were Allison.   He's one of the "vets" on the roster right now but he's had only 35 catches the last two seasons and ran a 4.67.   All three of the new picks are his size and run significantly faster.   I like the guy but I liked LaDarius Gunter and Jarrett Boykin in previous seasons and they quickly moved on from them.

Not sure Madison is that safe if Bulaga, Spriggs and Murphy all come back healthy?    Bakhtiari, Taylor, Linsley, Bulaga, Spriggs, Murphy, McCray are the locks imo with Pankey, Patrick, Amichia and Madison fighting for 2-3 spots.   Obviously it's way to early to say this - but Madison doesn't seem to me someone we'd risk losing by placing on the PS.

Good points.  Whatever Allison's limitations, he can change directions, he's got hands, he knows the playbook, and he's the default starter until somebody proves otherwise.  It kinda stinks having Allison as a starting wideout, I know.  But Yancey hadn't passed him last year, DAvis is bad, it seems unlikely that Moore is going to be starting on Day 1, and even less so that straight-speed guys like the 6th rounders will. 

I hope somebody more talented beats out Allison ASAP; but I think that would need to be a year out.  I do actually like the sound of MOore better, though, for sure.  And if they came through camp telling us that suddenly Yancey has leaped big-time and looks like a good NFL starter, that would be happy news. 

On paper Madison seems vulnerable.  But as their 5.1 pick, do they ever waive those guys?  And my guess is that between spriggs, Murphy, and BB, at least one will not be on the active roster on opening day? 

Probably 8-9 picks stick this year. I could see one to two of the receivers (MVS and/or ESB) and Donnerson being stashed on the PS. Maybe put Looney there as well. Unless Scott or Bradley tanks, then I think they stick.


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