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Starting a thread for transactions. Should be a fair number of them in the next couple of weeks and it would be nice to have a central location for them. First one,

Zach Kruse

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 5m5 minutes ago
The Packers have released QB Joe Callahan.

Saw that move coming when they signed Boyle.

Idk what they are doing with Hundley. No one will trade for him, delay the misery and cut the weight.


--- Quote from: Shinesman on May 02, 2018, 10:12:08 PM ---Idk what they are doing with Hundley. No one will trade for him, delay the misery and cut the weight.

--- End quote ---

Their is a strong likelihood that your misery will carry on throughout all of the 2018 season. Unless Kizer absorbs the playbook much quicker than what is expected of him and plays lights out during the preseason, their is a high probability that Hundley will be QB2 for 2018.


Yeah, I think there's at least a chance that they carry Hundley along for a while again, and perhaps have him as #2 QB due to familiarity. 

I hope that doesn't actually happen, though.  We know that Hundley doesn't have any upside or long-term potential with the Packers, so if you keep him, that means you're cutting somebody else.  I'd like to hope they've got somebody else at 53rd-man with the talent and +D potential that they end up liking too much to cut. 

As a fan, I'd like back-of-roster guys to be guys I've got hopes for.  (Even if dumb and naive!)  If St. Brown and Vazquez-Scantling make the back of the roster, I'll hope that these are talented, promising redshirts who are going to develop into useful varsity players in future.  But Hundley, I don't really have any hopes or anything to look forward to!  So I kinda feel like *IF* Hundley makes it, it's a sad sign because it probably means they don't have any exciting +D guys that they mind cutting. 

Kizer is supposed to be a pretty smart guy brains-wise; so I'm hoping he's a relatively quick-study. 
*He's already played a bunch, so the speed of NFL-game isn't new for him. 
*Because he got traded a while back, he's had more time to study than a newly-drafted rookie. 
*Given the price they paid to get him, Gute really likes him; and given that he's got a much stronger arm than Hundley, there will obviously be plays he can make that Hundley can't.  So it woudln't shock me if when it came down to cases, that they woudln't rather stick him in a game than Hundley, with the talent outweighing the playbook familiarity. 
*MM has talked about re-doing the playbook.  I don't believe that to actually be very radical.  But *IF* there is a substantial re-do of the playbook anyway, that might reduce some of Hundley's experience-advantage. 
*With every week that Rodgers doesn't get injured, that's more time for Kizer to practice and learn the playbook.  So even if he isn't totally comfortable by week 1, they may figure that will increase week by week? 


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