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Matt Ryan hit a Grand Slam


His new contract is bigger than Cousins and its really in the upper stratosphere.

Its guaranteed 100 million, possible total of 150 million.  Thirty million per year for five years.

This means that AR is probably going to top that.  Which means we will have one guy getting over 30 million per year on our CAP quite soon.

Not really. The contract will be structured to keep keep things manageable, so the salary cap hit doesn't keep the team from re-signing players or dipping into free agency as needed. Besides, the signing bonus can be prorated over the life of the contract, so the amount of salary can be kept lower. Here is how it works:

Many NFL contracts include a signing bonus, which can be prorated on the salary cap for the life of the deal (up to five years). In other words, a $6 million signing bonus on a three-year deal counts $2 million in each year, in addition to the player's base salary and any other bonuses.

Yah, if it's a $150m 5yr contract, then we're going to average a salary cap hit of $30m / yr. That's just arithmetic. We can move those numbers around from year to year a little bit, but not much. The cap number will be lowered a bit because this will be an extension, so it's really more like $195m / 7yrs, but that's still about $28m / yr. Get used to it.

I think it unlikely we'll sign Aaron to a 5 year extension.  He would be turning 42 just as the contract ended. I'd be more interested in signing him to a 3 year extension, 5 years total. When he's 38 or 39 we can re-evaluate.

Remember what Favre and many others have shown us: when QBs go, they go fast. Not much warning. Not much time to react. You better have his replacement on the bench.

Nope, it's still not $30 million/year. In the end, the Packers can cut him, take a one time "dead cap" hit, and he doesn't get paid the rest of his salary. That is why guaranteed money is the key. If it's not guaranteed, it might not get paid. Lets wait until the details of Ryan's contract are published, because the details count a lot. If he truly has $100 million guaranteed, that is the number that counts. The rest is monopoly money.


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