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Packers 90 man roster
« on: May 06, 2018, 11:02:31 AM »
Quarterbacks (4)
Aaron Rodgers, Brett Hundley, DeShone Kizer, Tim Boyle

The big roster question here is, do the Packers keep 2 or 3? The irrational fans that act like Hundley slapped their mothers last year will feel the need to insist that he is completely worthless and must go and the sooner the better. But if Kizer is slow to pick things up the Packers may opt to keep 3 on the roster.

Running Backs (5)
Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones, Ty Montgomery, Devante Mays, Joel Bouagnon

The first 3 seem locked in and the decision on Mays will probably go down to the last week of preseason, with injuries at other positions possibly affecting his roster spot.

Fullbacks (2)
Aaron Ripkowski, Joe Kerridge

Probably status quo here. If they go light at TE, they may keep 2 FB's.

Wide Receivers (11)
Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, Trevor Davis, J’Mon Moore, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Equanimeous St. Brown, Geronimo Allison, Michael Clark, DeAngelo Yancey, Jake Kumerow, Colby Pearson

Wide open battle for roster spots here. In the end I could see 5,6 or 7 kept, personally think it's 6, but should be fun to watch playout.

Tight Ends (6)
Jimmy Graham, Lance Kendricks, Emanuel Byrd, Robert Tonyan, Kevin Rader, Ryan Smith

A lot of question marks with this group, if the Packers had been aggressive in the draft with this position I could of seen Kendricks in trouble, but he looks like a lock now.

Offensive Tackles (7)
David Bakhtiari, Bryan Bulaga, Jason Spriggs, Kyle Murphy, Adam Pankey, Alex Light, Kyle Meadows

I actually like this group a lot. I'm thinking Bulaga will probably start the season on the PUP, but barring additional injuries they should have the players to bridge the gap until his return.

Interior Offensive Linemen (9)
Corey Linsley, Cole Madison, Lance Taylor, Justin McCray, Lucas Patrick, Kofi Amichia, Dillon Day, Jacob Alsadek, Austin Davis

Would love to see Madison come-in and grab the RG job by the neck and never let go, if not McCray appears to be capable to handle the job.

Defensive Linemen (9)
Mike Daniels, Kenny Clark, Dean Lowry, Montravius Adams, James Looney, Muhammad Wilkerson, Tyler Lancaster, Filipo Mokofisi, Conor Sheehy

When looking at this group the first thing that came to mind was, who is the backup at NT if Clark should go down. For that reason alone Lancaster may have a good shot at a roster spot.

Outside Linebackers (8)
Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, Vince Biegel, Kyler Fackrell, Kendall Donnerson, Reggie Gilbert, Chris Odom, Naashon Hughes

Will be interesting to see how they manage the roster numbers here. With Capers at DC they seem to always carry 6 edge guys, but have a feeling edge play will be handled a little differently under Pettine. Wouldn't surpise me to only see 5 from this group.

Inside Linebackers (8)
Blake Martinez, Jake Ryan, Oren Burks, Parris Bennett, C.J. Johnson, Marcus Porter, Greer Martini, Ahmad Thomas

Another place where it is wide open for a UDFA to surpise and win a roster spot. If no one steps up they may run with just 3 from this group.

Safeties (6)
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Josh Jones, Kentrell Brice, Jermaine Whitehead, Marwin Evans, Raven Greene

Probably not much change here, only question is how many do they keep.

Cornerbacks (11)
Kevin King, Jaire Alexander, Josh Jackson, Quinten Rollins, Demetri Goodson, Tramon Williams, Davon House, Josh Hawkins, Lenzy Pipkins,   Donatello Brown, Herb Waters

Another group, like WR, that should be fun to watch playout. Wouldn't surpise me if anyone of these guys claimed a roster spot in the end of camp.

Specialists (4)
Mason Crosby (K), JK Scott (P), Hunter Bradley (LS), Zach Triner (LS)

Barring injury their shouldn't be any surprises here.

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Re: Packers 90 man roster
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2018, 07:02:33 PM »
....Defensive Linemen (9)
Mike Daniels, Kenny Clark, Dean Lowry, Montravius Adams, James Looney, Muhammad Wilkerson, Tyler Lancaster, Filipo Mokofisi, Conor Sheehy

When looking at this group the first thing that came to mind was, who is the backup at NT if Clark should go down. For that reason alone Lancaster may have a good shot at a roster spot. ...

Agree, Lancaster has a shot.  Really strong guy with short-yardage, goal-line-package capacity has a shot to have a role.

The counterargument, in my head, is that **if** you're really only keeping the guy for NT-injury-insurance, rather than as a short-yardage-package-player:   might it not make more sense to keep that insurance on the practice squad, rather than burning a 53-man spot for it?  If Clark gets injured some game, you can improvise with the D-linemen you've got for the remainder of that game.  And then call up Lancaster after the game.  That would free a spot for somebody else, if you've got some guys you like at back-of-the-53 that you don't want to expose. 

Obviously, it's also possible that Lancaster himself is the guy you don't want to expose, so you'll keep him for that reason....

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Re: Packers 90 man roster
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2018, 08:02:46 PM »
I'm going to take a shot using bmaafi's template
Just for fun and it’s always interesting see what the actual roster ends up being.

I'm guessing carrying only two here, to free up a spot for extra defense guy...

I'm guessing carrying only three here, to free up another spot for extra defense guy...  Is Mays eligible for practice squad?
 I don't see him having a role other than as injury-insurance.  Think last year they kept the three rookies because they themselves had little clue how those guys would shake out.  A season in, it seems Jones and Williams shook themselves ahead of Mays.  So think his place is pretty much as injury-insurance.  That could be located on practice squad, if he's eligible....

Agree, one....

St. Brown
I kind of have no idea here.  I'd probably guess 6 instead of 7, again freeing up a spot for defense or o-line.  I like the comment made earlier, that perhaps Valdes-Scantling could be like Janis, and make the roster more as a 4th ST guy than as a 7th WR.
 But basially I have no clue how this will shake out.  Basically I feel like the front four are obvious:  Adams, Cobb, Allison, and Moore.  (I'm not as negative on Allison as many.  He can catch, he can change directions, he knows what he's doing, Rodgers will throw to him.
 Yes, he lacks speed, but it's hard to imagine late-round rookie or one of the deep-roster/PS guys from last year starting right off. 

I have no idea how it will shake out for the last 2-3 guys from among Clark, Yancey, Davis, Valdes-Scantling, and St. Brown.....

UDFA(one of the two guys)
Agree, one....  I'd assume Byrd, I've got hopes for him.

As with WR, I have no idea how this will shake out.  I expect Bulaga will start on PUP, which would open a spot.  But have no idea how it will shake out between new UDFA (Light?), old UDFA like Patrick, old PS guys like Amichia and Pankey, or health status for Spriggs and Murphy.  Really a wide-open landscape.  Wouldn't be at all surprised to see 10 kept, assuming they don't have much better idea than I do about how some of the inexperienced guys will actually play on Sundays.  I know Pankey's been getting some support; I'm a terrible scout, but I admit my first glance was that he seemed noticably slower than the average O-lineman, so I'm not sure I'm on the bandwagon.

This seems pretty reasonable, but with the spots I trimmed on offense, could squeeze another guy in here.  Looney, Lancaster, beats me. Still I kinda figure that Looney and Lancaster seem like pretty safe bets to stick on PS, so not sure I see a compelling case to burn 53-spot on them....

LB: 8
I think I'd like to add Odoms in.  Not sure as an extra, or in place of maybe Fackrell.  Of course, as with Valdes-Scantling, Fackrell might be better listed in the "ST" group than the postion group. 

I see Donnerson as totally a PS guy, unless he looks shocking unbelievably unexpectedly explosive.......

I've got to add AT LEAST one more guy.  .......

ST: 3
Heh heh, as noted earlier, perhaps some guys like Fackrell and Valdes-Scantling are better listed here than among actual position groups!  .......

Other thoughts relate to injuries.  Who knows, but it's the National INjury League and some guys we'd prefer not to cut are going to unfortunately make the cut.... because guys we expect as safe roster guys will be injured.  Hopefully as few as possible. 

Obviously some UDFA guys may step up and sneak in, particulary as injury opens the doors. 

Figure some of the last spots are purely scouting, and don't really matter how long a particular group may be.  If you think a guy has a better shot to be good, and a great chance of getting snatched off of PS, that's the guy you keep.  And then obviously ST can make some decisions, too, tiebreak guys. 

Last, think the roster does not appear to be all that deep/strong to me on back end; looks like once injuries open up some extra spots, I think they ought to be able to fit any exciting high-ceiling prospects, and I'm not sure many guys who get targeted for PS will get snatched   .......