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Did the packers tank?

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Many of us believe Hundley would have performed better if McCarthy had changed the offense to a one read run an shoot. Perhaps we would have won one or two more games. Instead McCarthy insisted that Hundley run Aaron's offense.

Was McCarthy stupidly stubborn? Or did he intentionally tank?

I'm about 50-50 on this. I find it hard to say a sentence with McCarthy and Stupid both in it. I find it hard to believe the Packers would tank. But then in the NBA tanking is the new chocolate ice cream; I have to admit it's not unthinkable.

I will say, if he tanked he got a good price for it: two allegedly 1st round DBs and an extra 1st round pick for next year.

Did not tank. 

The words "McCarthy" and "stubborn" are definitely linked. After all, this is the guy who kept Capers around years after the league had caught on to his defensive schemes. The guy who stuck with having his WR's beat coverage, long after it became apparent they had a hard time doing that. The guy who maintained that Hundley would be fine long after everyone else knew he was struggling mightily. So, did he "tank"? No. he just believes that doing the same thing over and over again, even if it keeps failing, will eventually work. Because he knows if his guys just work a little harder, they'll be successful. But those days are gone. TT hired him, and so he backed him. But there's a new boss, and the leash just got a bit shorter the collar a bit tighter, and the seat a bit warmer.

Tanking just isn't a thing in the NFL for the mostpart. Did Washington tank so that they could draft Da'Ron Payne or Oakland so they could get their hands on Kolton Miller? Unlike the NBA and their pursuit of a unicorn to change their fortures for the next decade, the NFL seldom has that one or two players that is predetermined in the draft to alter a teams future single handledly. The amazing dumb luck of the trade with the Saints aside, is it realistic to think that they would lose games so they could land Alexander and Jackson in the first two rounds? Will that combo in the end be better than Mike Hughes (30th overall) and Isaiah Oliver (58th overall)? The Packers could of went deep into the playoffs and still landed those two.

The benefit just isn't large enough in the NFL to go that route. Not mentioned is the fact that the people who would be doing the tanking would not be around for the benefits of their losing.   

Did they tank..............similar question to did the astronauts really land on the moon.


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