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Title: Zack Miller TE ?
Post by: majikwen on March 10, 2016, 05:47:50 AM
   I know TT doesn't play the free-agent game but he does go after the second tier players. ok, there's a player that fits that description thats better than any TE the Packers have, Zack Miller from the Bears. he's got size, 6'5" and the speed none of the Packer TE's possess. he's an injury risk which means he'll come cheaper and the reason he's a second tier player in free-agency.  Jared Cook would be a nice addition but he's gonna cost $$$
Title: Re: Zack Miller TE ?
Post by: dannobanano on March 10, 2016, 03:28:35 PM
I posted this in another thread.

http://overthecap.com/free-agency (http://overthecap.com/free-agency)

Jared Cook
Owen Daniels
Graham Garrett
Scott Chandler

are all Street Free Agents, which means they do not count against your 2017 comp picks if you sign one of them.

If Ted brings in a free agent TE, I would expect that TE to come from this group.