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Title: Packer Mock Draft - 7 rounds
Post by: Draft Hobbyist on January 03, 2013, 05:01:54 PM
Here's a 7-round Packer mock draft that is meant to be more hopeful than conservative:
Alternate1: OG Jonathan Cooper NORTH CAROLINA
Alternate2: ILB Kevin Minter LOUISIANA ST
3) OLB Chase Thomas STANFORD
4) DT Will Sutton ARIZONA ST
4b) WR Aaron Dobson MARSHALL
5) RB Jonathan Franklin UCLA
6) C Graham Pocic ILLINOIS
7) DT Kapron Lewis-Moore NOTRE DAME
7b) TE Jake Stoneburner OHIO ST

1) Fisher has a chance to fall to us because he is the 4th best OT on many boards. He's also from a smaller school. To be honest, the only one of the four OT's that I would really consider passing on is Taylor Lewan MICHIGAN depending on what else is there. This is not need-based thinking, but talent-based thinking.
2) Amerson seems to be the forgotten man. There's all this talk about how slow he is, but Amerson had 5 INT's this year and 13 INT's last year. I would move him to S and he could back up the CB position as well.
3) I have a feeling Thomas will be gone by here, but since this is more of a hopeful mock I threw him in. He's listed below where the Packers would pick on many sites, so why not. Most of you know a decent amount about him already, but he's one of those high-motor guys.
4) 13 sacks as a DT is what caught my attention. That's good enough for 3rd in the FBS among all players. Only Jarvis Jones and Anthony Barr had more, but will he come out as a Junior? Now that I think about it I probably have him too low even for a hopeful mock. We could move him up to the 3rd round to replace Thomas, but I'm not going to go back and change it now.
4b) Marshall is a guy that got hit with the injury bug, but he still did pretty well for himself. I also like that he's coming out as a Senior.
5) He might drop because of how many caries he's had, but that doesn't bother me. He's been a workhorse.
6) I'm not a huge fan of the C's this year, so lets take a later guy and work with him. Pocic isn't a complete project, and we have EDS or Van Roten for now to let Pocic learn for 2 years.
7) He gets overshadowed by Nix, but Lewis-Moore is a good big body that has opened up things for Te'o. On CBSsports he's the 245th prospect overall, but I think he'll rise. He's a DT with 39 tackles, 8.5 TFL's, 6 sacks, 2 PD's, 9 QB hurries, and 2 FF's this year alone. Until he does rise I'm going to put him here. I'd be interested in him rounds earlier.
7b) Stoneburner is a boom-or-bust guy. When I watched him he really flashed some good stuff and showed that he could develop a complete game, but is his drive and character there?

Do you guys like it?
Title: Re: Packer Mock Draft - 7 rounds
Post by: Terranimal on January 03, 2013, 06:19:01 PM
You might be a newbie here, but you aren't a newbie to the draft.  ;)

Nice effort and explanation behind players/picks....

Had Moore myself in an earlier mock some months back. It's funny how if a DT isn't getting a lot of sacks then the draft sites downgrade them, yet every team running the 3-4 needs space eaters to free up the LBers.