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Title: Aqiib talib to Rams
Post by: marklawrence on March 09, 2018, 12:19:12 AM
The Rams have now traded for Marcus Peters, aqib talib, and signed Sam shields. If this goes as planned, they're going to be impossible to throw on. They're obviously making a huge SB push.

Peters is 25 and plays for $3m this year. He's a huge turnover machine, and a real hot head. He's the one who picked up the flag and the it into the stands. He's also famous for fighting with fans and coaches.

Shields is 30 and brings a lot of questions after sitting out two seasons due to concussions.

Talib is 32 and effectively playing in a one year deal. He's about as close the NFL has to a shut down corner.

Title: Re: Aqiib talib to Rams
Post by: ricky on March 09, 2018, 05:55:25 AM
With Peters and Talib costing the Rams something, and both being healthy, it makes the retention of Shields less likely. Unless they plan on using him as a nickel or dime back, and keep him away from the LOS. >Yes, the Rams are loading up now. After all, their rookies (at RB and QB, in  particular) are getting closer to getting real contracts, and when that happens, they are going to have a lot less cap room. Meanwhile, Philly is still over the cap, and only has a few days to shed enough money to be in compliance. You can rent players for a short term run, but for long term success, you have to be smart with the cap.
Title: Re: Aqiib talib to Rams
Post by: The GM on March 09, 2018, 02:10:59 PM
As we speak, the Surgeon General is placing Team Cancer warning signs in the Rams DB room.

A lot of talent there, but we'll see. Anyone remember the Vince Young and the Eagles "Dream Team"?  Stay Tuned.