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Title: NFL Superbowl Odds
Post by: marklawrence on April 01, 2018, 01:44:23 PM

Team                 Odds
New England Patriots  6/1
Philadelphia Eagles  17/2
Minnesota Vikings    10/1
Pittsburgh Steelers  10/1
Green Bay Packers    12/1
Los Angeles Rams     15/1
San Francisco 49ers  20/1
Atlanta Falcons      25/1
Houston Texans       25/1
New Orleans Saints   25/1
Dallas Cowboys       30/1
Denver Broncos       30/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 30/1
Los Angeles Chargers 30/1
Oakland Raiders      30/1
Seattle Seahawks     30/1
Carolina Panthers    35/1
Kansas City Chiefs   35/1

My take: Packers and 49ers too high. Rams, Saints and Jags too low.
Title: Re: NFL Superbowl Odds
Post by: ricky on April 01, 2018, 05:27:21 PM
This is pre-draft; before last minute rosters cuts/signings; more FA activity. Not to mention a lot of other factors to be considered. Philly that high? Really? What if NE loses Gronk? And they've already lost Patricia. The Falcons are consistent "pretenders". Steelers? With Roethlisberger a year closer to retirement, which he seems to long for, and Bell in limbo? OK. We'll see . And for some perspective, here ate the SB odds for all teams before the start of last season. Philly at 50-1? Hmmm.

Title: Re: NFL Superbowl Odds
Post by: marklawrence on June 05, 2018, 07:13:42 AM
New England Patriots   6/1
Philadelphia Eagles    8/1
Minnesota Vikings     10/1
Los Angeles Rams      12/1
Pittsburgh Steelers   12/1
Green Bay Packers     14/1
New Orleans Saints    16/1
Houston Texans        20/1
Jacksonville Jaguars  20/1
Los Angeles Chargers  20/1
San Francisco 49ers   20/1
Atlanta Falcons       22/1
Dallas Cowboys        33/1
Denver Broncos        33/1
New York Giants       33/1
Oakland Raiders       33/1
Baltimore Ravens      40/1
Carolina Panthers     40/1
Kansas City Chiefs    40/1

My take:
Pats are imploding, Brady is aging, their odds of winning are not this good.
Eagles - Queens - Rams - Packers - Saints will be a real dog fight.
Jags should be higher. Jags - Steelers will be another dog fight.
KC has a better shot than this indicates.