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Title: Another WTX Cheese Mock Draft (Fanspeak)...
Post by: WTX_Cheese on April 26, 2018, 09:48:03 AM
This is just a 4 Round Mock draft from FanSpeak.

In Round 1, the players I'm primarily interested in all get picked before we select (James, Landry & Fitzpatrick). I had a choice between Denzel Ward (who I'm not as high on, mainly because of size) and the guy I eventually chose. Miraculously, one of the consensus top players in the draft fell to us:

RD 1 - Quenton Nelson - G - Notre Dame - A position of high need? Probably not. Value? Definitely. "10 year starter"

Round 2 is always my favorite round to watch and I like the high value you can get out of it. Luckily, my favorite CB in the draft falls to us

RD 2 - Isaiah Oliver - CB - Colorado - This is our outside Corner to pair up with King (eventually).

Round 3 comes up and I see a good value here. Jessie Bates and Anthony Miller are staring at me, but I look at the players still remaining on the board for Safety and Receiver and notice another name that I like still available at another position:

RD 3 - Malik Jefferson - LB - Texas - A "sideline to sideline" type that is adequate in coverage and is an excellent blitzer. He immediately strengthens the Front 7.

We've got the first pick of Day 3. An enviable spot. I reluctantly passed on Anthony Miller in Round 3, but one of my other favorite receivers is still on the board:

RD 4A - Michael Gallup - WR - Colorado St. - There's no pressure to play significant time early but I think he'd complement Adams very well on the outside in the coming seasons.

Getting to the compensatory pick at the end of Round 4. I don't see an Edge guy I love. I DO think we need to double dip at CB though...

RD 4B - Isaac Yiadom - CB - Boston College - Huge upside and won't have to play immediately.

OK, so I regret not getting a pure Edge guy, but I think this is pretty solid.
Title: Re: Another WTX Cheese Mock Draft (Fanspeak)...
Post by: ricky on April 26, 2018, 04:19:07 PM
Nelson is not falling to #14. So, instead if you plug in Davenport or a top tier CB, your draft is very intriguing.
Title: Re: Another WTX Cheese Mock Draft (Fanspeak)...
Post by: WTX_Cheese on April 27, 2018, 10:12:03 AM
Oddly enough, Davenport WAS selected at #14... just not by the Packers.  :o