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Mock Drafts / Re: PFF 7 round mock
« Last post by bmaafi on March 08, 2021, 11:59:00 PM »
The Packers have shown they are willing to draft older players, not a lot but they have done it. Hollman was 24, Fackrell was 24, Goodson was 25, Schlauderaff was 24. Stepaniak turned 23 one month after the draft, Cole Madison was 23 and turned 24 in December of his draft year. There were also some other OL that were 23 when they were drafted. Christensen will be turning 23. I cant find his exact dob but found an article stating that he was turning 23. So I don't see how his age would be a problem.
NFL Talk / Dak Prescott breaks the bank
« Last post by ricky on March 08, 2021, 08:50:14 PM »
Apparently four years, $160 million, could go up to $164 million. But what really counts is he is guaranteed $126 million. That is real money, not NFL monopoly bucks. So, why should we care? Because it will definitely make it harder for the Cowboys to manage their cap going forward, and they need to start re-stocking their OL in particular. But this could also affect the Packers, if they approach Rodgers for some help with restructuring his contract to help the team. Rodgers (and his agent) would be foolish not to push for a longer commitment, with guaranteed money as a requirement for cooperation. This idea was not originally from me, but from this video. Agree or disagree, it's certainly something to consider.
Mock Drafts / Size, speed and toughness, all in this draft
« Last post by OneTwoSixFive on March 08, 2021, 11:46:55 AM »
Significant losses: The usual - Wagner Kirksey (already gone). C.Linsley, K.King, A.Jones, D.Lowry.
Significant retentions: RB J.Williams, TE M.Lewis. Edge P.Smith.
Restructures: enough for one decent acquisition.
Main vet additions: RT Daryl Williams 3yr $8m pa. There were other free agents I would have liked, like Steelers DB Mike Hilton, or Cincy Edge Carl Lawson, but the future cap cost to go and get them is too high.

Draft: . There is a lot of speed in this Packers draft. This year more than most, where guys will go is hard to know. There can be some big differences in how teams value guys. I still tried not to 'cheat' on value, though. A couple of picks have alternatives who I like as much as each other and could be similar value.

1) DE Levi Onwuzurike 6'3”, 288, Washington.
Has pass rush athleticism and first step quickness all teams covet. Exceptional leverage in run defense. Tough, hard to single block. Needs to fix inconsistent pad-level and to have a second plan when first contact doesn't win. Lowry's replacement.

2) CB Elijah Molden 5'10”, 191, Washington.
He lacks GBs preferred height, but with Jaire Alexander probably shorter than Elijah, it shows the Packers will go outside the minimum 5'11" CB height requirement if the talent is there. Straight-line speed is only average but instincts are very good. Has the versatility to play some safety.

3) WR D'Wayne Eskridge 5'9”, 189, W. Michigan.
Nice route runner with exceptional burst and speed that should be in the mid 4.3 range. Surprisingly tough player for his size. Has real value early on as a ST returner. Slot corner type.
ALTERNATIVE WR Amon-Ra St.Brown 6'1”, 195 USC.
Not as lengthy as brother Equanimeous, but more polished. Doesn't have Eskridge's speed, but a better fit as a sideline player. Blue collar work ethic.

4) CB Tay Gowan 6'2” 185 UCF.
True sleepers are not so common these days as teams cast their nets ever wider, but with no combine to showcase his skills, and not playing in 2020 due to the covid impact on college play, he could be one. Most sites have him as a late pick (maybe 6th round), but if you can live with a small sample size, some have him as the 6th best CB overall. He has the speed to run stride for stride with WR Simi Fehoko (see Packers 5th round pick) who is said to be the fastest college receiver. If he is as good as I hope, he is Kevin King's replacement.

4b) Edge Janarius Robinson 6'5”, 266 Florida St.
Ideal size. His arm length is an incredible 35 3/4” with a wingspan of 7'3” and 11” hands. If he were to reach up (not jump) his fingertips would be up at about 8 foot five or six, which is going to play havoc with QBs throwing over him. He is a traits pick and needs plenty of work. Those arms are longer than most OTs, making it hard for them to get a chest punch in when they meet. Could be an NFL monster by year three.
ALTERNATIVE Edge Patrick Jones II 6'4.5”, 264 Pittsburgh.
Another traits guy. Great size and athleticism but was not used well at Pitt. Brett Kollman's comp for him was the Steelers Bud Dupree, a similar sized raw prospect who didn't do much for his first 2 years then broke out (currently a $15m pa player). Jones got a whole lot more sacks than Robinson, so he could be considered a safer pick, but both have some degree of a swing for the fences.

5) RB Rhamondre Stevenson 5'11.5”, 227, Oklahoma.
Packers need another RB after losing Jones.

5b) WR Simi Fehoko 6'4”, 227 Stanford
Big, tough, very fast. Has added value on ST. Valdes-Scantling worked well enough for the Packers, so here is another huge fast guy. ESB, Taylor and Austin are probably all gone if Eskridge, Fehoko and Stevenson are drafted.

6) RS Marquez Stevenson 5'10”,182, American Athletic West.
He has injury concerns, but is a dynamic returner with great on-field speed. Stevenson and Eskridge could transform the Packers return game.

6b) S Jermian Sherwood 6'2”, 220, Auburn.
Tough hard-hitter and another guy to bolster ST, which is his likely role. ST is getting a lot of guys, that include big fast guys, smaller very quick guys, and tough guys to help out the Packers new ST coordinator. I'm not especially in love with this pick, but for now I have nothing better.


What is missing in this draft ? No offensive linemen drafted is something of a shocker, but they did take two guards and a center last year, and still have developers like Nijman and Patrick. Also, I had them acquire RT Daryl Williams for added help and a replacement for Wagner. Three WRs might seem excessive, but one is a return specialist, one is a slot WR and one a Valdes-Scantling clone. I would have liked a better quality safety, an eventual replacement for TE Lewis who must be in his final season and another ILB for depth, but there are only so many picks.

If the Packers hit on three of the four early defensive picks (DE, CB, Edge, CB) they could finally have a formidable unit for some time. This was also a draft for revamping the ST units.

Rant and Vent / Re: Mark's News Channel (offered without editorial)
« Last post by ricky on March 08, 2021, 09:36:17 AM »
Mark, you're right- I did misread the article. My apologies.
Rant and Vent / Re: Mark's News Channel (offered without editorial)
« Last post by marklawrence on March 08, 2021, 09:24:57 AM »
Here is a breakdown of federal spending. I'll provide a link- if you could offer one backing up the allegations in your post, great.,programs%20on%20which%20we%20rely.

Your own article shows that mandatory spending + interest on the debt is 70%, just as I said. It also shows that additional veteran's benefits and medicare spending is another 15%, roughly 85% of the budget going to various handouts and entitlements.

Just as I said, you can eliminate the entire DOD and there's still a deficit. In fact you can eliminate all discretionary spending and there's still a deficit.

You're trying to educate me to your "correct" point of view, and all you're doing is repeating what I said. You're wasting both our time. You're retired, I suppose this is entertaining for you. I'm still working and I find it tiresome, being "educated" by someone who doesn't read and/or understand their own links.

Here's a clue for you: this state must now persist until it breaks. When it breaks there will be inflation. A lot of it. And no money for investment, so the economy will stall. And if the Fed mis-steps (they will eventually) there will be a collapse of the dollar.  Meanwhile your savings and retirement checks will fail to keep up with inflation. That's the whole point of inflation, it's a tax on everyone who doesn't own gold or commodities or real property. That is to say, the bottom 95%.
Rant and Vent / Re: Mark's News Channel (offered without editorial)
« Last post by Hands on March 08, 2021, 07:55:30 AM »
Wait until we see what the real cost of Covid will be a whopper!
Mock Drafts / Re: PFF 7 round mock
« Last post by Hands on March 08, 2021, 07:37:03 AM »
I have learned one thing these past two drafts....believe in RT!
NFL Talk / Re: Wilson to the Bears?
« Last post by PackerJoe on March 08, 2021, 07:35:54 AM »
The problem with the Bears is two things:

1.  They have major salary cap issues to address this year.

2.  They have nothing to offer!  Yeah, they could offer three first rd picks and Seattle would laugh hilariously at that offer.  They could 
     throw in Rocquan Smith, Kahlil Mack, etc.  Doing that would create salary cap hell for the Bears for the next two years, limiting them   
     on attracting FA's and retaining existing players.  They could throw in 2nd rd picks for the next three years, ditto 3rd rd picks for the
     next three years, Seattle would jump on that.  So the Bears in essence would be giving their future away, not drafting or being able
     to bring any FA's for the first two years.  The Bears already have the absolute worst OL in football.  Northwestern's OL is better
     than the Bears current OL roster. So let's say Russell Wilson gets traded to the bears, the bears will set a record for most sacks
     given up in one season, 17 games, five sacks a game!  You winning the powerball has better odds than the Bears getting Russell

3.  It's likely the Bears starting QB will be Nick Foles, Cam Newton, or Alex smith.  This means the Bears will be 7-10 in 2021 and will be
     the end of the current regime.  They should've been fired after losing six in a row last year. 

4.  Marge Mccaskey runs the Bears and I'm thinking she's seen enough out of the three assclowns who have been running this team.
Draft Talk / Re: Cornerbacks
« Last post by PackerJoe on March 08, 2021, 07:22:54 AM »
I tend to agree that we need a Nickle (could be a safety), cause that individual would in essence be a starter and need to draft at least two CB's, one a starter in this draft or FA.  There is about four or five really good safeties out there in the draft, at least two better than the starters we have!  (Moehrig, Cisco)  Some decent CB's out there after the ones you mentioned above.  Those folks will be long gone by the time the Packers pick and moving up to get one of those folks is a huge gamble.  Others out there (Joseph, Robinson, Melonfinue, Samuel, Molden, Bynum, Trillwether, Taylor). 

Some very good players, don't make the same mistake you have in the past with drafting CB's early.  There are plenty of good ones coming out this year.  As a reminder, our CB depth/talent is pathetic!!!!!  The last guy on my list, Taylor (likely a 4th or 5th rd pick) would be the #3 CB on our current roster! I agree it is a high need.  We also lack serious depth/talent at safety! We will likely have two 4th rd picks.  So we will have some options in drafting either multiple corners or a safety and corner.  both are high needs.

We do have other needs like DT, OL.  We are lacking a Tackle with Bahktari recovering and likely to miss half the season and Wagner retiring.  Perhaps they sign a FA, or bring back Valdheer.

As we get closer to FA and the Draft, things will be real interesting at 1265 Lombardi.
Draft Talk / Re: Cornerbacks
« Last post by RT on March 08, 2021, 06:37:33 AM »
With Joe Barry coming in as the new defensive coordinator, he is supposed to be bringing the Rams scheme with him. Assuming that's true, what cornerbacks in this year's draft would best fit that system?

There will be no change in CB evaluations because of Barry's system. Hard to say who the real individuals are until we get some workout numbers on these guys, but early guessing would be that Horn, Surtain, Newsome, Joseph are at the top of their wish list.
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