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Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Game Ball Packers vs. Redskins
« Last post by ricky on Today at 06:21:28 PM »
The defense, for putting the first half behind them and coming out to play in the second half. They were a different unit, and they showed what they are capable of, similar to what they did to Minnesota before the injury to King. And for the second week in a row, a ridiculous call on Matthews changed the complexion of the game.

A deflated game ball to the refs and the NFL front office. Another bad day for both of them.
Two posts in a row? Different subjects, so please bear with me. While we bemoan how bad the Packers looked against Washington (2-1), lets take a look at what Minnesota did at home against Buffalo (1-2, and totally dominated their first two games). The Vikes lost. No, I'll rephrase that in favor of Mike Zimmer's analysis of the outcome: Minny got their butts kicked. Badly. Completely. In an embarrassing fashion. The refs didn't need to make bad calls. The Vikes on Sunday were terrible. But let PFT detail the shellacking:

So, should Zimmer be fired? Should the team be dismantled? Does their defense suck? Or do we just chalk this up to an anomaly, "one of those games." Because both teams that fought so hard last week for 70 minutes came out this week slow and unprepared. One team rallied in the second half, and were partially derailed by the refs (again). The other team just stunk. The entire game. No second half comeback. No signs of life. So, this is not to excuse the play of the Packers the first half, but they came to play the second half. So, I'll look it as a glass half-full. Meanwhile, the Bears are now atop the division. And that really, really sucks. But in 13 weeks, who is going to recall this game? Its a long season. Fasten your seat belts, we're in for a bumpy season. And as always,

Never give up!
Well, its official. Clay Matthews (at least) can't sack the QB. Whether anyone else can remains to be seen. But the NFL has just "triple downed" on their QB protection emphasis/rule. The Matthews hit was "textbook roughing the passer". Which means that the QB can't be grasped, thrown down, fallen on, or even have his feeling hurt. And, yes, this rule was put in place because of the Barr hit on Rodgers. Just as the "diving at the QB's knees" rule was put in after Brady was put out for the season. But right now, you can't hit the QB low, to protect their knees (I'm actually OK with that); can't hit them in the head (ditto); but now you can't hit them in the midsection? Or put any weight on them while tackling them? This is literally physically impossible. QB's will quickly learn that to get a roughing call, simply jump off the ground while being tackled, and there will automatically be a flag. When I wrote about whistling the play dead when the QB was in the grasp, or seemed he was about to be sacked, that was only half joking. The NFL is trying to be safer. The concussion rules are good. But this is nonsense.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / New blood
« Last post by packlaw on Today at 05:50:00 PM »
It appears more often than not, Rogers is running around a lot as our receivers aren't getting open.  Are they to slow,light or what? We have three rookie receivers that are mobile, strong and fast.  Lets incorporate them into the lineup more.  As to tight end, Rogers worked pretty well with the new guy (forget his name I think it starts with a T).  This game was winnable up to the fumble even with the many dropped passes in two critical situations.  The only good new is the Vikes lost to Buffalo.  There is a lesson there.  Chicago leads the about that....

Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Didn't change offence
« Last post by packdaddy on Today at 05:27:26 PM »
Here's what I'd like to see. I'd like to see MM tell the team they're starting the game behind 21-0. LOL. No scripts, just desperation.
Listened to the Larrivee/McCarren radio call, and it was still tough even though I didn’t have the visual. The Packers just weren’t ready to play. 10 penalties, including at least one that nullified a nice return by Cobb, several lousy long snaps, drops by Cobb, Kendricks, and Adams, and more.

The call against Clay, which I watched afterward, was awful. I personally don’t recall ever seeing a “roughing” call when the QB is still holding the ball on a sack. As Matthews said after the game, “It was a football play.”
About CM 3, I agree that this was a chippie call.

But does this not stem from the Barr AR hit from last year?  Recall AR turning and cursing Barr after as he walked off the field.

At the time I said I wish he had not done that.

But these calls on CM 3 are kind of fruity.  I mean they are hard to maintain to any standard, and they are also almost impossible to play with unless you just want the sacker to wrap him up in his arms and not throw him down.

I agree that good ole Roger made it all worse.
Team is in rough shape. Could be another top 15 if we dont do something different moving forward. I haven't gotten into scouting yet, but I know people here are very big into the draft. Who ya got in the mid and late round we should target?
Rant and Vent / Re: Offensive line help
« Last post by Shinesman on Today at 04:14:15 PM »
It's more than rust. He has been getting destroyed back there.

"Destroyed" may be a bit strong. Here are the QB sack stats for the NFL. Rodgers is tied for eighth most sacked QB with several other QB's. So, not good, but then again, he's playing on one leg, which limits his ability to avoid sacks and/or run for yardage, which he has done so effectively in the past. Should the OL do more? Sure. Should the coaching staff call quicker developing plays so the OL doesn't have to block for longer periods of time? Absolutely. Should AR just throw the ball away if he thinks he's going to be sacked? Yes. So, who is to blame? I vote for "All of the Above".

You cant just throw it away inside the pocket. And how many times has he been hit, not just sacked.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Game Ball Packers vs. Redskins
« Last post by packdaddy on Today at 04:07:47 PM »
Slim pickings this week for sure.

My game balls go to:

Rodgers for the reckless abandon he played with running the ball on one good leg.

The running backs who ran hard. Would've liked to have seen more of them, but I guess the score prevented that.
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