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Typical Green Bay loss, offense plays okay defense leaves giant holes for the other teams offense to exploit. The defense was even worse then the stats, helped by a crazy amount of holding penalties and couple of dumb turnovers by Indy. I think Green Bay is better team then Indy, but you win zero games with five turnovers.

This team might be able to win a playoff game if the offense has a crazy good game and overcomes a below average Green Bay defense.
NFL Talk / Re: Get woke, go broke
« Last post by claymaker on Today at 06:35:07 AM »
The NFL has probably done the best job in professional sports walking the line of wokeness. They don't lay it on very thick but they still tote the line. Although, I don't really watch football anymore just the Packers.

Perhaps their positive ratings, in comparison to others, has more to do with it simply being the most popular sport in America by a large margin. The decline in ratings is due to COVID more than grifting woke culture IMO.

It is a conundrum that more people are at home now, but they're not watching TV. Across the board the entertainment industry is suffering, despite the opportunity for people to indulge more. All streaming services have lost considerable subscriptions and the seemingly unavoidable death of news outlets has become quite obvious. Certainly, the financial strain of COVID is partly to blame, but not enough to come up with numbers like we're seeing.

I am certain woke culture is here to stay. I just wish it wasn't voiced and followed by so many incompetent people often in a combination of bad faith and ignorance.

You may be aware of who Eric and Bret Weinstein are, but I'll drop a short intro. You're more likely to have heard about Bret Weinstein than Eric through the Evergreen State disaster, which he often points to, and college campuses in general, as ground zero for this radicalization of woke culture. Eric Weinstein is the managing director of Thiel Capitol among other things. Both very interesting men with a knack for brilliant ideas.

I'd suggest checking out what else they have to say other than the topic of woke culture, but here's a couple of relevant videos from each of them. Mark, you may want to check out Eric's video on geometric unity. It's way over my head, but it seems pretty cool. - Eric shares a few thoughts on the topic at hand. - Bret's conversation with Douglass Murray
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Good, Bad, Ugly Colts game version
« Last post by Bignutz on Today at 06:09:19 AM »
Frustrating game! At least our perfect record in Indy is still going! 😁
On the Streets / Re: Mark's Movie Reviews
« Last post by Bignutz on Today at 06:03:11 AM »
Sandra Bullock, best behind in the movies!🤪
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Good, Bad, Ugly Colts game version
« Last post by RT on Today at 04:51:58 AM »
BAD -  MVS getting death threats.  Way out of bounds.

The larger the fanbase, the larger the number of clueless idiots there are and the Packers have no shortage of those. 
BAD -  MVS getting death threats.  Way out of bounds.

 Absolutely! MVS is a great weapon. If AR would’ve played better in the second half he wouldn’t have been put in that situation. He’s still green and a poor choice to recieve in that play situation. He just needs to build experience as well as strength.

Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Good, Bad, Ugly Colts game version
« Last post by ricky on November 22, 2020, 09:08:39 PM »
BAD -  MVS getting death threats.  Way out of bounds.

This is beyond stupid. And as far as JK Scott goes, he apparently is having some kind of personal issue, and almost didn't make the trip with the team. But, yeah, his punting has become a problem. Getting in some competition, especially either a late round pick or targeted UDFA's would be a good idea. Then again, he might just be having something going on in his life that is distracting him. Or, like Crosby a few years ago, just an off year. Let him earn his spot on the team next off-season. 
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Good, Bad, Ugly Colts game version
« Last post by ricky on November 22, 2020, 09:03:29 PM »
Nice run down Rickey , you seem to have pretty good knowledge
Of football . Would say it's a lack or talent on defense or Is it
Scheme and being out maneuvered on play by play basis.

Some of each. Pettine's schemes are meant to prevent big plays. To do that, he uses extra DB's, leaving the DL and LBers weakened. But, the DL only seems to have Clark, with part time help from the other guys. Keke, Adams and the others sometimes make plays, but not on a regular basis. So, you have a lot of three man rushes. There is also a problem with the Smith's, though. They sell out to rush the passer, leaving the edge of the defense exposed, and therefore those areas get gashed for big running gains. Pettine also doesn't mix up his coverage very often. And sometimes tries to make someone do something that is simply beyond their skill set. If  you saw the TD to the TE, it was P. Smith trying to cover him- that is not going to work. There is also a lack of communication/confusion happening in the defense all too often. And, the defense lacks guys who put fear into opposing offenses. The guy who is closest to doing that is Alexander- but as a coverage guy, not someone who is going to punish you for going over the middle, or put a hit on you so hard your teeth rattle. They need some intimidating guys who will really pop a guy. Maybe Martin or Barnes will fill that role. Personally, I'd start phasing out P. Smith and playing Gary more- the guy can rush the passer, but also seems willing and able to set the edge of the defense. So, what to do? Dump Pettine after the season. Get in a DC who has an attitude he can instill in his players. Let him hire staff to do that for individual groups. Oh, and get a new ST's coach. The Packers have been trying to save money on the ST coach salary for years, and it shows in the poor ST's play. Hire an ace, pay him well, and reap the rewards.
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Good, Bad, Ugly Colts game version
« Last post by Scott1956 on November 22, 2020, 08:58:07 PM »
When the Packers won the Super Bowl with Rodgers, they had at least a pretty fair Defense. And that was the last time they ANY kind of defense! 10 years of bad defense is more than enough. Stop hiring DC's who had a good year. Or hire a real up and coming DC. But this garbage of every year of not stopping the run is just never going to get it done!
Green Bay Packers News Talk / Re: Good, Bad, Ugly Colts game version
« Last post by The GM on November 22, 2020, 07:31:13 PM »
BAD -  MVS getting death threats.  Way out of bounds.
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