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Different year, same tired defense!

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I love how all the Capers and TT apologists come out of the woodwork when the Packers defense plays a High School offensive line. Sure they looked great, the team they were playing is offensively inept! You see what happens when you play a fast defense. A REAL actual fast defense! In the first half, they were nowhere near ANY of the Falcons WR's! The second half, the Falcons just wanted this game to end, so they started running the ball more. And the Packers couldn't stop that. I'm getting tired of every year the Packers draft defensive players, and every one saying "now we have the players", and every year the defense sucks. Oh I'm sure they will play well enough to beat teams like the Bears and the Vikings. But if you think this team will do anything if they get to the playoffs, you're just fooling yourself. How many more years do we have to put up with Capers, and his 1980's defensive playbook?

There you are!

It seems we're always going to have those who overreact to each game, and sometimes even each play. Which is fine, but it's also important to keep the perspective of the entire season. Last week the defense looked great. This week, not so much. The team is still a work in progress. Nothing is set in stone. Even the idea that Atlanta can't be beat is an overreaction. Remember, the Packers lost the regular season game last year by one point, when they were relatively healthy. Beaten up the last next two games, they were defeated handily. What is important is whether the team progressses each week.This was definitely a step back.But does that mean the defense stinks? No. Just as the impressive performance they had week one didn't mean they were great. So, fire Capers? How about the defensive position coaches? They are the ones who work with the guys very closely. Shouldn't they get some blame? How about TT for not drafting better? Why not simply clean house completely? Bring in a new GM, who will hire his own HC who will hire his own staff. And then the defense will be much better.


Ill be one of the first to support a change in regime. I am not a fan of how Capers calls games, even if the players are executing, Capers usually starts to get away from what has worked all game for some unknown reason. Heck I think MM is overrated in his ability to call plays and run an offense. He ran the SF offense for I believe two years, and it was ugly. He inherits back to back HOF quarterbacks, one who may be the most talented ever, and still can not adjust his game plan or formulate a well-oiled offensive plan. But right now I believe the DB coach should be shown the door. Healthy or not, the Packer DB's are always whiffing tackles, mistiming jumps for the ball, not meeting a guy in their zone or trailing one through their zone, passing off a receiver to open field because they didnt understand they were on an island that play etc. They are bad, really bad. The front 7 this year has brought pressure, but the DB's can not cover just that extra second to turn this defense into a real terror. Thats my two cents.


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