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Did I read correctly?

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Forum and site shutting down next month?

Help me out. Where on the site is this posted? Because this would be the second time a site has shut down that I was deeply involved in. I don't consider the demise of that weasel who created a rival site, tried to lure as many PCers as possible, then went belly up because the site simply became an echo chaamber, rather than a site where robust debate was not only allowed, but encouraged.   


It's on the home page of the site.


--- Quote from: stillcrazee on December 30, 2017, 02:38:59 PM ---Ricky,

It's on the home page of the site.

--- End quote ---

I never read that until now. I just logged onto the forums and let 'er rip. Well, its LMG's right to do what he thinks is best. But to punish the thousands who visit this site daily, and fine it a source of joy, irritation and inspiration due to the actions of a few players doesn't seem proportional to the perceived insult.. IF that is the reason. Until Larry decides to share his reasoning, we can only speculate. I hope LMG and family are all in good health, and that alternative sites will be offered so the landing for us posters will be a bit softer. I can only say thanks for the huge enjoyment you've affored me for years, and I hope this finds you at peace with your decision.

Yes we will be shutting down the PC website which includes our forums early in early January as stated in our announcement on the PC home page. The reasons are mine and mine alone.

With that I am 71 and we have been traveling in our RV since 2012 seeing and enjoying what we haven't already of our beautiful Country.

All the best.


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