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Author Topic: 2014 -- Packers 1st Round Pick  (Read 32586 times)

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Re: 2014 -- Packers 1st Round Pick
« Reply #120 on: December 20, 2013, 01:16:17 PM »
I'm beginning to lean towards drafting ILB with our 1st round pick.

And if CJ Mosley is still on the board, I would love to see him in G&G. He's as close to a Patrick Willis type LB that I can think of and would be a huge upgrade in the middle of the field.

I would also like to see them extend, and start, Jamari Lattimore on the inside as well.

Follow that up with Deone Bucannon (Safety) in the 2nd round and the Packers "D" would see significant improvement.

I've got a Packers Mock that I will post sometime soon.

another win and we could be out of the running for Mosley.   

I do love the Bucannon pick and would prefer him over Dix.  the guy can play both SS and FS and is an athlete. 

if the packers keep winning  thumbsup)   and pick at the bottom of the round im for a Ebron Truit Shazier type picks

EDIT: Fixed....Was kind of hard to read with you reply inside the quote.

You are probably right about missing out on Mosley if we keep winning.

Rodgers being ruled out this week puts a damper on the winning thoughts...........imo.

Thanks for the thumbs up on Bucannon! He would be a good pick for the Pack at a position that needs a huge infusion of talent.

If GB loses the last 2 games, they will likely be pick 13th to 15th in the draft. They are currently at 18.
If they finish in that 13 to 15/16 bracket, they should be in a position to still get Mosley.