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Author Topic: One potential FS nobody is talking about.  (Read 1724 times)

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One potential FS nobody is talking about.
« on: October 30, 2012, 07:11:06 AM »
I have previously listed CB Justin Gilbert OKLAHOMA ST as a CB, but now I think I'm changing that to FS after having watched him more closely. I think he could be a good CB, but I also think he could be an elite FS. He's got good ball skills, he's 6'0", and he's rangy with long arms. He's been a good returner, so he adds a lot to special teams.

He's currently 64th on CBSsports. Personally, I believe he's worth more of a low 1st-high 2nd round pick. He's a great athlete that's a little raw in his technique, but I believe he can be taught most of the things he's not good at, and I also believe switching him to FS minimizes his current weaknesses while maximizing his current strengths. He will probably run the 40 time in the 4.4's, and he's also about 195 lbs which is a good speed:weight.

As a Sophomore, he did have 10 PD's with 5 INT's (1 which game in their bowl game against Stanford that they pulled out in overtime by 3 points). As a Junior his stats aren't quite as impressive but that can be chalked up to teams avoiding him a little bit more. He only has 3 PD's with 0 INT's.

Some video of him:

What do you guys think about drafting a guy like this is a S, especially if we can get him in the 2nd round?

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Re: One potential FS nobody is talking about.
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2012, 06:42:06 AM »
I don't see TT drafting a DB in the first three rounds unless a great guy falls. I can see Oline,WRs,RBs and Dline  for sure as well as some LBs.
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