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Can I make a suggestion. One thing that has always irritated me is the unneccesary 'quoted' sections of a post. what do I mean by this ?
I see entire posts quoted in a response, when the original post is directly above it.
I see huge long posts quoted in full, where the response is a one liner right at the bottom.
I see (on this new forum layout) posts that are quoted, requoted, re-requoted, and so on, and so on. PLEASE ask posters to delete anything that is not relevant, rather than just have the re-quote thing go on to a ridiculous level.
I see quoted posts where there is no point and no need to quote the original post. Its like the 'quoted section' was an accident that the poster just didn't bother to edit out.
Quoted parts from a previous poster should (imo) only be used when they enhance the current post, and even then only the relevant part(s) should be used.

I'm not sure how much can be done about this. Some posters are much worse than others. I have seen huge sections quoted from a poster and the reply was "This"       Just one word that means nothing. I guess what I am asking for, is for the mods to put something on this site that offers advice on when to quote. Many thanks for your perseverance while I have ranted.

Agree and you said what needed to be said.

Thank you.

  Quoting a Post  To reply to a post by quoting it, you can either select the Quote button for the relevant post or select the Reply button followed by Insert Quote from the relevant post in the Topic Summary below, but note that:
* Both of these options add a link to the original post showing the name of the poster and the date and time of the post, whereas the Bulletin Board Code quote tag simply quotes the relevant post without this additional information.
* You can retain or add the 'author' attribute independently of the full quote function.

Thank you for a speedy reply. Much appreciated.

OK, as long as we're addressing issues on the new format, is there a way to edit a post after it has been posted? There used to be an "alter" (or a similar word) which would serve that function. I'm sure we all try to be careful, but occassionally misspellings or bad grammar or wrong names can be included in the original post. Suggestions would be appreciated.


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