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Author Topic: Moderating Forums...changes  (Read 1471 times)

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Moderating Forums...changes
« on: September 17, 2013, 02:36:06 PM »
Obviously we have been lax over the last six months or so in our usual moderating of the Forums and we apologize for that.. Evidently the slack given was taken by some that our way of trying to keep things civil had changed and the PC forums were going to be wide-open and anything goes like in most other places.

We as moderators have had considerable patience (but can only tolerate so much), in our opinion, but with the recent personal attacks we are going back to following our Forum Rules and Guidelines that have been in place since the inception of our PC forums in 1996.

Below are a few excerpts and we encourage everyone to read the complete context.

1) Warning and level adjustment for 1st time offenders. Level not switched back to zero for at least 60 days. Warning is very simple you will receive from the Moderator: Example "Unacceptable name calling in post. Next time you get a time out."

There's no need for a big discussion.

2) 3 day time out for second offense.

3) 2 week time out for third offense.

4) after that, if you don't feel like pulling the plug, we will.

Our Moderators want to provide a civil, adult atmosphere for our members.

Punishment will be handed out based on the severity of the offense (mod's discretion).

Repeat offenders will be dealt with more severely.

What will change is how we administer warnings and possible banning.

The first warning will be replying to a post in the Forums that we feel is a personal attack, use of bad language etc, to remind the poster of our concern.

A second offense (3 day TO) the poster will receive an e-mail notification to which we expect a reply that he has received it.

A third offense the poster will again receive an e-mail notifying him/her of a 2 week TO and again we expect a reply to this e-mail.

There is no need for Members to get involved in what they feel is a personal attack on them as this takes away from an ongoing discussion of a certain topic and disrupts good conversation. Please use the Report to Moderator link available in each post or you can send an e-mail to one of the moderators addressing your concerns.

Thank you.
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