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Re: Alex Mack
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You don't need to give up a pick for Mack.

Transition tag does not require the "buying team" to compensate Cleveland if they sign Mack to an offer sheet and the Browns refuse to match.
Technically, this is correct. Realistically, the Browns can match any contract that the Packers can offer. They're clearly willing to part with $10 million this year to keep him. In order for a team to steal him, they'd have to probably guarantee the whole thing to make the Browns blink. There's too much risk in that IMO.

The better move would be to negotiate a trade with the Browns and then work out a long-term contract with Mack before a deal is made. Mack signs his tender, is traded and then signs an extension (for probably the highest contract for a center in the NFL.)

For me, if they can work out favorable terms for a contract that fits their cap structure, I'd be willing to either give up my 3rd round pick (#85) or a swap of 1st round picks (#21 for #26). One or the other. Each have a 3rd round value.