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Author Topic: 3 Creative Moves Ted Thompson Should Make on Draft Day - Bob Fox  (Read 1945 times)

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General Manger Ted Thompson is not afraid to make bold moves on draft day. When he was first hired to run the front office of the Green Bay Packers, Thompson was more about trading back to accumulate more draft picks for the Packers.

Thompson still does that, with the 2013 draft as being a good example. Thompson traded back in the second round and was able to get a couple of additional picks. The trade-back didn't seem to hurt the Packers at all, as the Packers ended up drafted running back Eddie Lacy, who was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year last season after a sparkling rookie campaign.

But lately, Thompson has also traded up a number of times to select a player that he covets. He has done that six times in the past five drafts. The biggest example was when Thompson traded a second-round pick and two third-round picks to move up and select outside linebacker Clay Matthews late in the first round in the 2009 NFL draft.

I expect Thompson to once again be active during the draft this year.


This is an extremely deep draft. NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said this is the deepest and best draft class he has seen in 10 years.

NFL scout Chris Landry is also impressed with this year's draft class.

Bottom line, I expect Thompson to be very creative in getting the Packers more talent and depth on their roster through a myriad of moves in the draft this year.

Trade-Up in Round 3 with the Tampa Bay Bucs

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers don't have picks in the fourth-round or the sixth-round because of trades. The Bucs do own the sixth pick of the third round, while the Packers have the 21st.

I could see the Packers moving up 15 spots to get the player they want early in the third round. It would cost the Pack their regular fourth-round and sixth-round picks to move up, but the Packers would still have the compensatory picks in the third round and fifth round (which can not be traded) to use later in the draft.

Landry talked to me about how deep this draft class is, especially in the second and third rounds.

"It's really deep in the second and third rounds," he said, "maybe even a little bit above that. So, there is really good value. And what that means is that when you are picking in the fifth or sixth round, you will be getting in a lot of cases third-round value players. Because how you grade a player is how you see them and how they fit in a certain category. And that grade is corresponding to a round. But if you have more than 32 players with second-round grades, which you are definitely going to have this year, just do the numbers. If you have 42, you have 10 players who going to bleed into the third round with second-round grades. If you do the numbers going forward, I think there is going to be tremendous value here (in this draft)."

Trade-Back to Get Extra Picks to Help Special Teams

I recently wrote a piece about the issues regarding special teams with the Packers. The biggest issue being the coverage units.

Late-round draft picks are the place to find hidden gems who can play a key role on special teams, especially on the coverage units.

The Packers have done that in the past, recently, when they selected Ryan Taylor in the sixth round in 2011, Micah Hyde in the fifth round in 2013 and linebacker Sam Barrington in the seventh round, also in 2013.

But more of that has to happen this year. Especially in a deep draft, which will allow teams to draft fifth-round talent in the seventh round.

Stay Aggressive

As I mentioned earlier, Thompson has traded up six times in the past five drafts. A couple of those trade-ups have turned out to be fabulous decisions by Thompson.

The biggest one was when Thompson traded-up to select outside linebacker Matthews in 2009. Matthews has had a spectacular career so far in Green Bay.

Thompson had similar success when he traded-up to select cornerback Casey Hayward in 2012. Hayward had a very nice rookie season, but he was hurt most of his second season with the Packers due to hamstring issues.

There are also three other players whom Thompson traded-up to select whom are still on the roster of the Packers.

One is safety Morgan Burnett (2010), who looked like he was going to have a promising career and was given a contract extension last summer. But his play fell off last year, as he too was hampered by hamstring problems.

The other two players are defensive lineman Jerel Worthy (2012) and running back Jonathan Franklin (2013). Both have shown flashes of being pretty good, but are still works in progress.

Thompson needs to stay aggressive in this year's draft. If there is a player available who he really covets, he needs to go after him. He can also trade-back later to get some more extra picks, plus he has two compensatory picks to use (they can not be traded) in this year's draft as well.


Bob Fox always had the itch to return to the media, and he became a writer at a Packer website called ThaPack for a couple of years, before he joined Packer Report, where he was for several years, before joining Wisconsin Sports Online (PackerChatters) writing about the Packers, Badgers and Brewers.  Bob also occasionally writes for which covers the Tampa Bay Bucs, and also used to write for which covers the Tampa Bay Lightning when the site was operational.

Bob also has an article in the 2012 Green Bay Packers Yearbook that profiles the 2012 draft class for the Packers.

Bob is also a Featured Columnist for the Bleacher Report.
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Re: 3 Creative Moves Ted Thompson Should Make on Draft Day - Bob Fox
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I like the idea of trading the Packers #53 for the Raiders #67 and #107. That losers the Packers about 30 points on the old Jimmy Johnson draft value table but I'd do it anyway.

The rationale behind it ? Firstly there are very few players around that #53 spot and for the next 20 spots that I both like and are a good fit. There are, however a ton of guys i like in the #67 to #97 range. Using CBS rankings, that 67-97 range would include FS Terrence Brooks, CB Pierre Desir, ILB Chris Borland, S Deone Bucannon,  DT/NT DaQuan Jones, CBs Jean-Baptiste, CB Keith McGill and linebacker Christian Kirksey.

I have the Raiders desperate to do well this year as both GM and HC are in a do or die situation. They need rookies who have some chance of producing straight away. That persuades them to trade with the Pack (for #53)  to get the (comparatively) polished senior receiver Jordan Matthews (CBS rating #58), a complement to what is probably a new QB there, and costing them #67 and #107. if the Packers can then find a trade partner giving up their newly acquired #107 and their own #85 for, say, pick #76, that gives them their original round one pick, then #67, #76, #98. That is enough for FS Brooks AND ILB Borland, AND TE Fiedorowicz AND whoever they want at #21, say NT Louis Nix (CBS rated #24th). If the Packers managed to walk away from day two of the draft with that bunch and still have 1x4th, 2x5th, 1x6th , 1x7th available for day three of the draft, it would be many years worth of Christmas presents, rolled into one.
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Re: 3 Creative Moves Ted Thompson Should Make on Draft Day - Bob Fox
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OneTwoSixFive, I believe you've outdone yourself in this draft projection possibility. If the draft fell that way, I'd be extremely happy. Excellent post.  thumbsup)
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