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Author Topic: Rules for the 2014 Draft Lessons LEarned for TT  (Read 806 times)

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Rules for the 2014 Draft Lessons LEarned for TT
« on: May 07, 2014, 05:15:31 PM »
#1 Once again SF made us look foolish twice, especially on defense!  Speed kills and contains!
#2 We have got to protect Rodgers!  Return of Beluga will help, a return of Sherrod would be nice, we need a center and a guard in this draft!
#3 Morgan Burnett is now one of the best slappers in the league, hence we need a safety, maybe Hyde fills that role, maybe not!
#4 We need speed at LB!  Brad Jones wouldn't start on many college teams!
#5 Perry and Datone Jones had better step it up
#6 Do we draft into two strengths, QB and RB, sound crazy, maybe not!
#7 Is the second coming of Mark Chumura and Gilbert Brown out there?
#8 We need to resign Jolly.
#9 We need a 3rd QB and Tolzien ain't it!  See Rule #4!
#10  I ain't sold on Bakhtari at Tackle!
#11  We have very little pass rush!
#12  Please don't bring back any of those schmucks we had at QB when Aaron got hurt, with the exception of Flynn!

2014 Draft Suggestions

Pick #1  (Pryor, Shazier, Mosely or trade down)
Pick #2  (Dee Ford, LB, Ward, S,  Jeremiah Attaochu, LB, Landry, WR, Bitinio, OL)   
Pick #3a (DuQuan Jones DT, McCarron, QB, Garrapaolo, QB,)   
Pick #3b (Sutton, DT, Savage, QB, Baptiste, DB , Richardson, OL) 
Pick #4 (McCullers, DT, Williams, RB-BC, Larsen, C,)
Pick #5a (Hurst, T, Janis, WR, McGill, DB-Utah, Stork, C)
Pick #5b (Lynch, TE, Dozier, OL Furman, Bodine, C/G)
Pick #6   (Jackson, LB-Eastern Ky, Boston, S,)
Pick #7   (Archer, Specialist)