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Author Topic: The OFFICIAL Packers v Lions Game Day Thread  (Read 38095 times)

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Re: The OFFICIAL Packers v Lions Game Day Thread
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Agree with all of this, but I'll add the defense was why we won the Super Bowl.  Rodgers was hot at the end of the year, but every one of those playoff games was decided by the D.  Vick picked off to end the Philly game, Tramon's pick-6 was the backbreaker in Atlanta, Raji's pick-6 was the difference in Chicago, and Collins' pick-6 and Matthews' forced fumble in the Super Bowl.  We haven't had a D play like that since, and now when they may finally be improving the offense no longer appears to be what it was.  McCarthy gets too much credit for a team that caught lightning in a bottle and hasn't shown staying power
Rodgers disappeared in the 2nd half of the NFC title game. I wouldn't call that hot.
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Re: The OFFICIAL Packers v Lions Game Day Thread
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I am happy you as huge front office supporter are realizing they have fell short the past few seasons.  But I think a big part of it is TT. He absolutely refused to fill the gaps and when he does its with a late round draft pick or an over the hill FA. Two guys he should have gone after this off season was Lamar Houston and Demarcus Ware. I know people here hate FA but the line was weak and needed Houston to provide a mean streak. And we are on the hook with Peppers for the same money Ware is making. Why not get the actual Badass OLB? The defense needed the big upgrade as it is obvious that Matthews (even when he doesn't get sacks) is the defensive heartbeat. The offense needed some actual linemen instead of mid round draft choices and injury prone overrated perrenials. TT has failed miserably in fixing the problem. Hope he learns from the mistake.

Fair enough, but Ware had back issues and that would have been very risky. Does he make it through the year? Peppers has played well in 3 games and has no health baggage.

I think Ware was a good investment. Peppers has played pretty well but I don't think for all three games. As the season goes on he may get more comfortable in the Packers defense but I think ware would have done this defense more good.

Fair enough, time will tell.
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Re: The OFFICIAL Packers v Lions Game Day Thread
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Embarrassing display by the offense today.  I thought our genius coach was our guarantee we wouldn't slip back into mediocrity or worse?

I don't think even the MM defenders have ever characterized him as a "genius."

Really? Every coach is labeled a genius after they win a Super Bowl.

I would love to see where someone on this site referred to MM as a "genius." Just for laughter sake.

I've always taken (and most MM defenders) the view that he was a so-so coach that didn't really get in the way of the team winning. Most people think that you would have trouble finding a coach that would be any better and would run the risk of getting someone worse. On-side kicks and stupid timeouts in the last two games have really had me considering that that position may not be valid.

When they hired McCarthy he was the SF offensive coordinator.  Coordinating one of the leagues bottom of the barrel offenses for a couple years. He only got the interview because he was a GB assistant earlier in his career.  TT chose him based solely on that and the precedence he do what TT wants player wise. I wanted Sean Peyton. He is an actual offensive genius. And with the talent Green Bay has he would be setting records because he knows how to work around short comings. Something McCarthy doesnt.
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Re: The OFFICIAL Packers v Lions Game Day Thread
« Reply #468 on: September 21, 2014, 01:20:49 PM »
Thanks all for coming in today and we'll see you back here next Sunday when the Packers play the Bears at Soldier Field.
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