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Mid-Season PFF Rankings
« on: October 29, 2014, 10:47:23 AM »
Many do not like PFF, but thought I'd put these mid-season grades out on Vent & Rant (with my comments) for discussion:

Offense Good:

1) Josh Sitton +16.9 (Continues to be underrated, he is better than most Packer fans think or acknowledge)
2) Jordy Nelson +11.0 (Would like to see him show up a little more in bigger games, but damn glad he is a Packer)
3) TJ Lang +8.9 (Surprised he is rated this highly given the struggles in the running game, but considering Linsley also has a very positive grade (6.9) I am coming around to the notion that the OLs weakness is really at the T position. Get well soon TJ)

Offense Beyond Great:

Aaron Rodgers +18.1 (Not much to say other thank merciful God that he plays for us)

Offense Bad:

1) Sherrod -10.1 (Will not be back next year/should not be back next year)
2) R. Rodgers -7.4 (Can't expect too much from a rookie, but man it would be nice to get more out of him/the TE position)
3) Lane Taylor -5.7 (Not much to judge from, but not very good in his limited time -- hope Tretter returns soon)

Defense Good:

1) Daniels 13.8 (He has walked the talk and gives supreme effort -- can't believe some complain about him)
2) Shields 6.1 (TT knows his corners, when healthy SS earns his $)
3) Hayward 5.5 (Much better in zone than man, kind of surprised he is rated this high, but a great 3rd CB)
4) Peppers 5.2 (Had to include him even though he is 4th highest rated if only to encourage more acquisitions of veteran players - Pep has done about as well as a 34-year old player could possibly be expected to do IMO)

Defense Bad:

1) Brad Jones -8.7 (what more can be said?)
2) Mike Neal -6.5 (did not like this signing in the off season, to me he is a player without a position. I suspect if TT had not drafted him in the 2nd round, he would not be in GB)
3) Tramon Williams -3.1 (Don't want to panic too much over this grade as it reflects his poor play N.O. especially and he might still have a tweaked ankle, but it provided food for thought as to whether he ought to be re-signed)

Defense Really, Really Bad (Again):

AJ Hawk -10.8/ranked 54th out of 58 ILBers in the NFL. He ended last season ranked 47th out of 55. McGinn had an article last Sunday quoting a presumably objective NFL observer ranking Hawk among the worst at his position. When your supposed leader is this bad and continues to get playing time no matter how poorly he plays it has a depressing effect on your entire D. I doubt the D improves significantly unless and until AJ joins his running buddy Brad Jones as a former starter. (I know the passionate Hawk defenders will savage me for uttering these opinions, hence the placement in Rant and Vent).
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Re: Mid-Season PFF Rankings
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2014, 02:29:42 PM »
I think you have some pretty good points. I was surprised to see Williams ranked so low. But a lot of his opponents catches have come from absolute perfect throws while he was in good coverage, or jump balls he just isnt goin to win. I do not like PFF and I think its because I just dont see what they see sometimes. I dont think guys on our offensive line should be rated that high. For some reason, they cannot seem to perform as a cohesive unit. Haven't been able to for a couple years now. Not sure if PFF takes into account possible missed combo blocks for running. And it seems that there is pressure coming from all parts of the line on passing plays. Its not one consistent spot, its pretty evenly divided. However, when the tackles face above average rushers they get beat consistently and never seem to get any chip help until its way too late.
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