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Author Topic: This is not a good team on the road ...  (Read 8713 times)

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Re: This is not a good team on the road ...
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You can break it up any way you want, week 1 or week 15, this team doesn't play well on the road against quality opponents,  and sometimes against average opponents.   The #2 seed is within reach but I wouldnt sleep on the Lions.  This isnt the same Lions team we could count on to fold like a box down the stretch.  Hopefully,  that 20 year losing streak at Lambeau will stay intact.

Characterize it as you wish - not a problem - but our road record (3+4) isnt outside the norm of the league as a whole. Its a numbers thing.

It isn't outside the norm if you wish to put Green Bay in the middle of the pack but if you wish to consider them good or elite it is.  They are just 1 of 2 teams in the NFL with a winning record yet haven't been able to win more than they lose on the road.  That sort of lack of success is usually the sign of a mediocre team who's playoff lives are extremely short.  it is a numbers thing and Green Bay's road record doesn't stack up with the NFL's elite teams.  They are a night and day team at home and on the road.  There isn't a team in the NFL they can't beat at home but  they are absolutely terrible on the road.  Seattle, Detroit and Buffalo all made them look extremely soft, vulnerable and gimmicky. 
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