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Author Topic: 2013 Mock 1.0 5 rounds  (Read 7819 times)

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Re: 2013 Mock 1.0 5 rounds
« Reply #15 on: December 27, 2012, 07:31:45 PM »
2 thoughts

1. Barrett Jones looks like he's about 12 year old.

2. I thought Brian Winters was a 2-guard who could really shoot the 3? Also looks like he's put on about 210 pounds!

Just 12 years old? I think you're forgetting he looks like he is missing a chromosome or two. I would avoid him. -

I see nothing in Taylor that I haven't already seen from Grant and Green. Get another home run threat to compete with Harris or don't draft one.

Love the 3rd round pick, but I'm not so sure he will be there. Would most likely need to trade up in the 3rd or trade back in the 2nd.

4th rounder is kind of a "?" Green Bay has 4 solid young DEs in Worhty, Neal, Daniels, and Wilson. They need another NT type not a DE.

I would say Winters would go before the kid from Nebraska. He is a big tackle and has a lot of value at that point in the draft.