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Author Topic: 2015 HOF finalists:  (Read 634 times)

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2015 HOF finalists:
« on: January 09, 2015, 05:12:11 AM »
List from

Here's the full list of finalists who could be getting the call to Canton:

Morten Andersen, kicker (1982-2004, 2006-2007)
Jerome Bettis, running back (1993-2005)
Tim Brown, wide receiver (1988-2004)
Don Coryell, head coach (1973-77, 1978-1986)
Terrell Davis, running back (1995-2001)
Tony Dungy, head coach (1996-2008)
Kevin Greene, defensive end/linebacker (1985-1999)
Charles Haley, defensive end/linebacker (1986-1996; 1999
Marvin Harrison, wide receiver (1996-2008)
Jimmy Johnson, coach (1989-1993, 1996-1999)
John Lynch, safety (1993-2007):
Orlando Pace, offensive tackle (1997-2009) - first-year eligible
Bill Polian, contributor (1978-1982, 1984-2011)
Junior Seau, linebacker (1990-2009) - first-year eligible
Will Shields, guard (1993-2006)
Mick Tingelhoff, center (1962-1978)
Kurt Warner, quarterback (1998-2009) - first-year eligible
Ron Wolf, contributor (1963-1974, 1976-2001)

I dont know how many - or if there's a limit - on how many get elected on a given year, but....

I've never considered Jimmy Johnson a HOF coach. Dungy? Nahhhhhhhh. Good coach no doubt - but HOF?
Think Morten Andersen should make it - eventually. The guy played a lifetime and leads all NFL scoring. He's gotta make it.
Also think Charles Hayley should be in there. Maybe his career stats aren't all that much (or HOF level) but the guy has what (?) five SB rings??
John Lynch? Nope.
Kurt Warner? - Yeah.
TD? Yeah. Relatively short but really, really good career.

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Re: 2015 HOF finalists:
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2015, 10:50:13 AM »
On this time around I would be voting for:

Don Coryell
Marvin Harrison
Orlando Pace
Junior Seau

I would let some of the others wait.  The modern game owes so much to Coryell its ridiculous.  He never gets enough credit for what he did in San Diego and with the Cardinals especially.  He made both Fouts and Hart.

Harrison's stats are just off the charts.

In his prime Pace was an ox.

Junior S  was one of the best ILB's in the modern game.