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Author Topic: FOUND: SCREWED POOCH  (Read 1082 times)

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This is the best way you can put today's game. The Green Bay Packers, screwed the pooch. Which was the dagger the stuck in their own back? Clock mismanagement? Playing scared? Not returning an INT as far as they could have? Someone trying to be a hero on an onside recovery? Calling the worst defense possible on very long down and distances? Execution? Coaching? Red Zone offense? Crunch time defense?..... Truth is, it doesn't matter. All of those things played a part in the collapse that will never be forgotten. Last season after a heart-breaker to the 9ers, I made a really long post about the game outcome, covering coaches, players, and the lack of opportunities seized. Most posters saw it as I did, we had the game on many occasions, we just couldn't Que that fat lady. This game is pretty much the same. The game could have been won on offense more than a handful of times. It wasn't. There were times when it was just poor execution, sometimes it was play-calling, and sometimes it was being out-played. The game could have been won on defense on a few occasions, just that one last stop needed to be made. One play, one two point conversion that somehow the defense doesnt to happen in the worst time ever. This is all stuff which could have changed the outcome of this game. It is a team game for a reason. And yet again, the whole team failed to show up at one time. Today the offense took a page out of the defenses book. They were given 5 additional opportunities to put points on the board, they were inside the one multiple times with a chance to shock the world. Yet, they let Packer Nation down. This was a team effort in the highest of sense. The worst part of this game, is that the game should have been over prior to crunchtime, heck prior to halftime and they just could not get it done. The defense also played what I think was their best performance since beating a Steelers team in the superbowl. But, in that final, defining moment, they broke. The offense, the leagues best by far, couldn't Take advantage of a defense missing its best run defender, having their ball hawk safety out for a considerable amount of time, and the best cornerback in football on and off the field with minor injuries. The special teams, a bad punt at a bad time, a terrible effort on a fake  FG, and the worst of all, stupid onside recovery. This game was lost. It wasn't taken from the Packers, it was given away. This team remains a team who has yet to prove they can take on the tough teams in a struggle game, and win. Say what you want, but the proof is in the performances for a few seasons now. Some are content to say, oh yea, next year its ours. I guess thats what everyone says, but the truth is the time is now, not next year, if you always pout your eggs into next year you will never win this year. I hear all this talk about a guy who is the best coach since Lombardi, But I tell you what, if Lombardi had these guys, he would be rolling in more rings. Lombardi's teams at least showed up as a complete unit. I feel the legacy being born now is of one very improbable super bowl run and a ton of follow up "What could have been's."  Rodgers has got a few more years, that is it. Time is now. This team should be celebrating a trip to Arizona right now, but instead is wallowing in knowing they screwed one of the best situations they may have ever had; In the toughest place to win, against the defending champs, with a two score lead, and hardly any time left. Like I said, you can pick your poison, but this was a team effort in its truest sense.
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