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Author Topic: MM im total and complete denial  (Read 12774 times)

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Re: MM im total and complete denial
« Reply #45 on: January 24, 2015, 09:31:48 AM »
Why am not surprised Alden would parse incomplete comments out of context and pretend he wasn't answering a questions (actually the 2nd question asked) about Bostick???

For those who would like to watch the news comference held moments after a devastating defeat in the NFC Championship game here is the link

Um, I provided MM's entire quote about Bostick, so what about the ENTIRE QUOTE was parsed or out of context?

On Bostick and the onsides kick? "Brandon, just like anything, you get in to one of those critical spots. It is important for everybody to do their job. Unfortunately that wasn't the case on that play. And that's the result of it."

Instead of calling Bostick out as he most certainly did, MM could have just said I need to look at the tape or played the ignoramus role regarding Bostick as he did when he was asked about the absence of his highly-paid, All-Pro linebacker during the last 2 critical drives of regulation play:

"Why wasn't Clay Matthews in the game for a while late? How was he able to come back? "I'm not aware of it."

Don't know why some are so reluctant to criticize the head coach, but if you want to make up facts to enhance your argument you better keep fishing, keep fishing.

Alden don't bother, you know that the majority of the people here will never ever ever ever believe a coach does anything wrong. They point to players all the time but never acknowledge a player is coached and evaluated and essentially deemed worthy by coaches. So if players keep falling short, who is really at fault? Good luck continuing to try and explain things to these guys, it is fun to read.

It seems to be the consensus in every other Packer forum online that this was a TEAM loss.  Both the players and coaches contributed equally to this collapse.  I just find it incredible that folks are still  stirpot) 6 days later!  We can grouse about this game all offseason but I for one am so ready to move forward to the 2015 season.  We can't change the past but we sure as hell can do something about the future.  I hope that game taught them all a tough lesson = you can't play not to lose cuz you'll end up losing.

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Re: MM im total and complete denial
« Reply #46 on: January 24, 2015, 02:50:24 PM »
Just deleted the last 2 know who you are.

Stop with the personal back and forth attacks.

If you are not the lead dog the view never changes.