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Author Topic: 2013 Packer Mock Draft / with off season moves  (Read 2798 times)

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2013 Packer Mock Draft / with off season moves
« on: December 10, 2012, 07:57:08 PM »
The Packers  have to take care of business, meaning re-sign Rodgers, Matthews, Raji.  In doing that, something's gotta give.  The salary cap doesn't go up hardly at all next year.  With that in mind, 2012 Packers that very well could be cut for salary cap reasons in 2013:

1.  Jermichael Finley.  Production doesn't match salary.  We have decent TE's on the roster, and I have us taking one in the draft.
2.  Greg Jennings.  Has been getting hurt every season.  He will try and get top WR money and TT won't pay it.  Have us taking a WR high in the draft.
3.  AJ Hawk.  Again, production doesn't match salary.  TT and McCarthy always talk him up, but the bottom line is he is making big money for a LB and he doesn't make plays.  I have us taking one high in the draft to replace him.
4.  Jeff Saturday.  Nice pickup for a year, but he is barely staying on the field.  I don't think he could last another full year.  The Packers will move EDS to center and have him compete with a draft pick for starting.
5.  Donald Driver.  The end eventually comes for everyone.  It's Donald's time.  Great Packer.
6(?).  Charles Woodson.  I hope he will accept a pay cut and play one more year.

I believe those cuts would save the Packers in the area of 25 million.  I know Jennings is a FA and technically has no salary for next year, but we save the 7-8 million a year or more that it would take to keep him.  Again, have 2 possible future HOF players to re-sign, and a very good player in Raji.

Next.  I am "hoping" we get two comp picks.  Flynn signed for good money.  No, he is not starting, but I have read that the contract size is a big part of determining compensation picks.  I have read the contract he signed should net us a 4th round pick.  I would be very happy with that.

I am also "hoping" we get a 7th round pick for losing Wells.  We signed Saturday, but Wells signed for more money than we are paying Saturday, and Wells is younger and a better player.  I would expect that we get something for losing him.

No FA signings.  That should not surprise anyone.

Draft.  I went to and used their rankings.  I used the tweener round guys, like 1-2, meaning taken at the end of the first round, beginning of the 2nd round, etc., to pick players.  I have two trade ups.  I believe we look for quality again, as opposed to quantity.

Round 1 - Terrance Williams, WR - Baylor.  Good size/speed combination.  Good production this year.  CBSSports had him ranked as the # 4 WR in the draft.  Have to replace Jennings, this is a passing offense.  Take a WR to come in and hopefully be able to contribute with Nelson, Cobb, and Jones.  If he could be a good # 4 receiver the first year that would be okay.  He should be able to be a # 1 WR in 2-3 years.
Round 2 - Kevin Minter, ILB - LSU.  Have read that he is a beast and is ranked as the # 2 ILB in the draft.  111 tackles, 13.5 TFL, 3 sacks, an interception.  If we had Bishop and another good attacking/playmaking ILB, that would improve the defense as a whole, not just at LB.
Round 3 - Trade Up.  Trade our 3rd and 4th round picks to move up in the third round and take Christine Michael, RB - Texas A & M.  Good size and speed.  Had a knee injury in 2011 and affected his stats for 2012, but he still had a 4.7 yard average.  NFLdraftscouts has him ranked as the # 5 RB, he just has his injury history, and he got ejected from a game this year for punching someone.  Didn't see where he was ever in trouble with the law, so he would be worth taking a chance on.
Round 4 (comp pick).  Braxston Cave, C - Notre Dame.  Good size for center.  Ranked # 3 center by CBSSports.  Can play guard.  Let him compete with EDS.
Round 5 - Zach Sudfeld, TE - Nev.  Good size, 6'6", 255 pounds.  Had decent pass catching numbers for Nev. this year, 43 catches for 550 yards.  Get another TE with upside on the roster.
Round 6 - Trade Up.  Trade our 6th and 7th round picks to move up in the sixth round and take Anthony Rashad White, DT - Michigan State.  He is around 330 pounds.  A guy worth taking a chance on.  Hoping he can be an upgrade over C.J. Wilson.  I expect that next year Worthy starts, and there is competition for Wilson to keep his roster spot. 
Round 7 (comp pick).  Alec Lemon, WR - Syracuse.  Good size.  Not fast, but he had over 1,000 yards receiving for Syracuse this year.  Again, worth taking a chance on.  Probably PS player his first year, but could end up being a good player.

It's way too early to have a good feel for the Packers draft, but I tried to be realistic in addressing team needs, and who we very well could lose in the off season this year.