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Author Topic: Todd McShay's First Mock  (Read 10063 times)

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Re: Todd McShay's First Mock
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I have zero facts to back this up, but I'll venture a guess that interior offensive linemen bust at a much lower rate than defensive linemen.  Just my opinion.

It isn't a sexy pick, but I like drafting good quality guys that keep #12 upright.

I'm not against drafting a Guard. But Thompson seems to favor Tackles over Guards. The last Guard I remember the Pack drafting in round one goes back to Wolf era and Aaron Taylor. Taylor was on the road to being an All pro until that nasty knee injury.

He played LT at Notre Dame and was projected by many to be a left tackle in the NFL. Last guard I remember the Pack taking in round one was Ron Hallstrom from Iowa.

Wow, now that is going back a long ways...(Hallstrom)  Didn't remember Taylor was a tackle until you mentioned it, which further points to the preference of both Wolf and Thompson to drafting tackles over guards early.