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Author Topic: Suh is Going to Miami  (Read 6674 times)

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Re: Suh is Going to Miami
« Reply #30 on: March 16, 2015, 09:27:49 PM »
That Business Insider article is really good.

Peter King did an interview with the guy who runs Over the Cap.com


He said the same thing.  See, Miami just did not have the cap room for this kind of a signing.  This kind of contract needs to be paid as much as possible up front.  Because the more you back load it, the more you do the same thing the Lions did.  Which finally made it not suitable for the other players.

The teams that had to sign Suh were those with the most room right now.  Miami was not one of them.  It does not matter how good he is, and he is very good,  a DT just does not justify trumping other, more important, positions.
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