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Author Topic: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01  (Read 4690 times)

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CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« on: December 28, 2012, 05:27:22 PM »
~Packers win against Vikings and lock up the #2 seed.
~Packers face the 49ers in the second round, and win 17-12.
~Packers get a rematch against the Seahawks in the CC, and win 31-17.
~Packers face the Broncos and win 31-28.
~Packers are awarded the 32nd pick.
~Packers are awarded two (2) 4th round picks as compensatory picks for losing Scott Wells and Matt Flynn.
~Packers start with 8.47 million in cap space


Packers release Charles Woodson (Save 10 million)
~Charles is just making way TOO much money for him to be on the roster.  He's got a 10 million dollar cap hold, and he's becoming more and more irrelevant with the emergence of our young defensive backs.  There might be talks about a restructure, but I'm not sure he'd be willing to take the paycut the Packers would want.
New Cap Space: 18.47 million

Packers release Jeff Saturday (Save 3.75 million)
~He's already been replaced in the starting line up with Evan Dietrich-Smith, so it's only a matter of time before he's released.  He just isn't the same guy that was the stalwart on the Colts line when he and Peyton Manning were in Indianapolis.
New Cap Space: 22.22 million

Packers extend Jermichael Finley for 3 years, 22 million (Base 7/4/4, Signing: 6 million, Roster/Workout: 1/0/0 -> Cap Hit: 10 million)
~He's really starting to come back into his own as a tight end, and the Packers probably prefer to lock him up now before he asks for the moon.  They'll sign him now and put him in Green Bay for three more years.
New Cap Space: 19.07


Re-Sign Evan Dietrich Smith (2 years, 5 million)
~He's our new starting center, and he'll be given every chance to compete for the starting job again next year.
New Cap Space: 17.07 million

1st Round Tender for Sam Shields ($2,878,628)
~He's playing extremely well right now, and will likely get an extension some time during the season.
New Cap Space: $14.19

2nd Round Tender for Tom Crabtree ($2,023,088)
~He's an important part of our blocking game, and adds value on special teams.
New Cap Space: $12.17

2012 NFL Draft

Packers Trade: 1st Round Pick, 3rd Round Pick, 4th Round Pick, 6th Round Pick
Rams Trade: 1st Round Pick (via WAS), 6th Round Pick

Round One

Eric Fisher [OT; Central Michigan]
The Packers can't afford to go into next season without shoring up their left tackle spot.  Whether that means they know for sure that Derek Sherrod can perform at a high level at left tackle or the Packers trading up in the draft to ensure they get one of the top offensive tackles in the draft, left tackle is among the highest needs for this team.  Eric Fisher has been a big riser in the draft process thus far and he's a really good prospect.  He's got a lot of natural athleticism and looks like the part as a franchise left tackle prospect.  He'll need a year of work, but the dividends could be big.

Round Two

Stepfan Taylor [RB; Stanford]
I've had my eye on this guy for a while now, and the more I watch of him the more convinced I am that he's going to be a great pro.  The Packers haven't had a consistent running back since Ahman Green and it'd be nice if we could get a guy to fill the hole for the next six to eight years and not have to invest picks year in and year out in the position with minimal production.  He fits our offense perfectly as he's a really good receiver out of the backfield and a willing pass protector.

Round Four A (Compensatory)

Ryan Swope [WR; Texas A&M]
Might be a bit of an odd selection, but there is quite a bit of depth in this year's wide receiver class even once you get past the top tier of receiver prospects.  Swope can come in and step into that #4 role and produce right away.  He's played with two different quarterbacks, and had very strong seasons.  I think he'll fit in nicely in our receiving corps.

Round Four B (Compensatory)

Travis Long [OLB; Washington State]
Despite being on an AWFUL Washington State team, he's been quite productive posting at least 10 TFL the past three seasons, but finally exploded to double digit sacks this year.  He's already got experience in a 34 defense, so the risk is less since there isn't any projection needed.

Round Five

Larry Black Jr. [DT; Indiana]
The Packers need to make it a priority to find a decent backup for B.J. Raji.  Larry Black needs to add a bit more weight to his frame, but it looks like he could potentially be that guy.

Round Six

James Ferentz [C; Iowa]
He's the son of Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz and Iowa historically produces good offensive lineman, so you know he's really well coached.  He'll develop and compete with Evan Dietrich-Smith for the center spot in the future.

Round Seven

Josh Johnson [CB; Purdue]
The Packers need more depth at the cornerback position, and if Randall Cobb is going to take that #1 WR role from Greg Jennings he's getting pulled from return duties.  Johnson has experience doing so, so he will take over.

2013-14 Green Bay Packers
QB: Aaron Rodgers / Graham Harrell [2]
RB: Stepfan Taylor / James Starks / DaJuan Harris / Alex Green [6]
FB: John Kuhn [7]
WR: Randall Cobb / Jordy Nelson / James Jones / Ryan Swope / Jarrett Boykin [12]
TE: Jermichael Finley / Andrew Quarless / Tom Crabtree / Ryan Taylor [16]
LT: Derek Sherrod / Eric Fisher [18]
LG: T.J. Lang / Evan Dietrich-Smith [20]
C: Evan Dietrich-Smith / James Ferentz [21]
RG: Josh Sitton / Don Barclay [23]
RT: Bryan Bulaga / Marshall Newhouse [25]

LDE: Ryan Pickett / Mike Daniels [27]
NT: B.J. Raji / Larry Black Jr. [29]
RDE: C.J. Wilson / Jerel Worthy / Mike Neal [32]
LOLB: Nick Perry / Travis Long [34]
WILB: Desmond Bishop / Terrell Manning [36]
SILB: A.J. Hawk / D.J. Smith [38]
ROLB: Clay Matthews / Dezman Moses [40]
LCB: Tramon Williams / Davon House / Jarrett Bush [43]
FS: Morgan Burnett / M.D. Jennings [45]
SS: Jerron McMillian / Sean Richardson [47]
RCB: Sam Shields / Casey Heyward / Josh Johnson [50]

K: Mason Crosby
P: Tim Masthay
LS: Brett Goode [53]

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Re: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2012, 05:54:12 PM »
Welcome- nice effort

What happened to TE Williams and LB Jones?

I like the idea of getting someone to back up Raji for a few snaps but what about Pickett?  While he is playing well he is getting old and is making a lot of $  I think they need to get someone who can take his place in a year and Daniels is too small to do that.

Like I said- good job and hope you can make more comments here.

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Re: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2012, 06:00:22 PM »
A lot of smart picks here. Johnson, Ferentz, Long, and Swope have caught my eye once or twice. I'm not so sure Larry Black has what it takes to play NT. Not just because of his weight, which I don't think adding would be good for him, but I keep hearing he is too inconsistent from multiple sources. Not a trait you want in D-Linemen.

Not a big fan of Taylor. I don't see anything special about him to make me like him more than the ones on the roster. A lot of people here like him though. He needs to run faster at the combine and then I'll come around.

Personally, I would rather trade up for a pass rusher than a tackle. I know I harp on GB needing a LT, but trading up for not necessarily the best one with Sherrod waiting and Newhouse still being serviceable tastes sour to me. If they want to draft a tackle I think they should let one fall to them. Maybe trade up a few spots but nothing drastic. Plus another legit pass rusher would really make the defense scary, and that is definitely more important than just a LT. 

Tender sounds about right for Shields. I actually have a feeling someone would bite on that, and GB wouldn't be able to match.

No way a 2nd rounder for Crabtree, but it keeps teams from trying to snag him. Probably another smart choice =].

As for Woodson, I think he restructures. At the tail end of his illustrious career he doesn't want the last memory of himself being greedy. He found a home here and Green Bay, and will retire here I think.

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Re: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2012, 06:50:52 PM »
Welcome aboard!

Like Fisher, but at this stage he lasts on the board to where we draft. But IF he did, would be interesting and telling to see IF Thompson would draft him or pass and go a different direction. Meaning: more telling on Sherrod than anything else and what the staff feels on him for the '13 season.

I like the Taylor pick and also read what palmy said too. The only question I have is that in the past, Thompson and Wolf took guys who didn't have many miles on the tires and Taylor seems to quite a few, so wonder if Thompson would pull the trigger on him? It's also my same question on UW's Ball.

Don't like Ferentz. Expected more from a coach's son. Right now have some other guys would take over him. He might even go late/undrafted and be had as an ufa.

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Re: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2012, 07:41:58 PM »
Welcome aboard, and, I must say, this is quite an entrance! I'm not a draftnik, and I usually look at the positions drafted, and the round, and let others do the early work. I personally won't start looking at scouting reports, etc. until late February or early March. I really like your off-season cuts, particularly the Woodson and Finley moves. Woodson, as you wrote, has indeed become irrelevant. Not a knock on the guy, but he's too expensive to keep. I also, like you, think that Finley could finally become a dominant TE. I'd strongly disagree on keeping Harris over either Grant or Benson. I've written before that Harris reminds me of Samkon Gado. Nice story, but not a real future. I'd also evaluate keeping Starks. Very productive when healthy. But he can't stay healthy. The CB at #7, I'd prefer seeing a QB there. But overall, I definitely like your placement of the positions you've drafted.

A question, though. You didn't address the issue of re-signing ARod, CMIII or Raji. This is not a knock, but just curiousity. Why not?
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Re: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« Reply #5 on: December 28, 2012, 10:56:28 PM »
Nice job! The whole thing, pictures ,set up, explanations.

But, I have to disagree with us drafting another LT in the first round.  First round picks are usually for potential and to invest 3 of the last 4 years 1st round picks in the OL would seem to unbalance the apple cart.  Plus, Fisher is from a smaller school and has no more/less potential than Sherrod.  The ONLY way we take that avenue is if Sherrod doesn't show any improvement by April.  Taylor is JAG (just another guy) like we have now.  I really think we need a RB who offers something a little different like Lacey or Bernard.

I like the draft overall, but would not head that direction personally.  This years draft is going to be anticipating the total package and I'm just saying that I hope we don't have to start this years package off with another OT.
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Re: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« Reply #6 on: December 29, 2012, 01:15:42 AM »
Got to agree with Dubz41. A third, round one pick at the LT position is over-investing in the tackles. If Sherrod never recovers to be a starting LT then maybe, but I cannot see this happening while he may still lock up the starting LT spot. Next year, if Sherrod does not pan out, then the Packers may re-think and get a LT early.

Also I do not think we get 2 x 4th round compensatory picks, I'm not sure we even get one. Flynn hasn't played and Wells has been injured this year and that is a part of the calculation on compensatory picks. My WAG is that we get a 5th and a 6th.

Beyond those quibbles, I like the way your draft panned out and the positions selected. Nice to see accompanying pictures and lots of cap detail, too.
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Re: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« Reply #7 on: December 29, 2012, 10:02:01 AM »
Hell of a 1st post on the new board.  Agree with about 90% of this, but will nit-pick a few things.

1) Doubt they get two 4th Rd comps.  I think it'll be a 4th and 6th. 

2) Agree on Woodson and Saturday.  Disagree on Finley.  I don't think they re-do his deal.  They'll just trade him, if anything.  The trade could net a pick which might actually help your scenario as I don't see TT abandoning the draft for 64+ picks - the whole 3rd and 4th essentially. 

3) I believe they will re-sign Brad Jones.  Bishop's injury was serious and DJ Smith was just OK.  I think Jones is playing better than Smith, and if Bishop returns with limitations, Jones might very well be the starter at the beginning of 2013.

4)  I actually think TT just waits teams out in Rd 1.  If Fisher is there, great, if not it looks like some WRs, DTs, and OLBs might be available.  I don't think he moves up for a LT unless he's pretty sure that Sherrod and Bulaga are question marks.   Even then, in your scenario, we just won a Super Bowl with Marshall Newhouse and Don Barclay so I'm not sure why he'd see OT as that much of a need that he'd give up multiple picks to move up for one.

As for the picks themselves, I like almost all the players.  Would be very happy with Fisher.  I like Taylor, but would prefer Lacy if available.  I like Swope and think he could be somewhat James Jones-like.  Not particularly fast, but a good route runner with good hands.  The Packers need guys like that and this offense can make them look good.  That said, I'd still like a more explosive guy, perhaps earlier in the draft.

Long and Black are solid choices.  I'll be interested to see how Long tests at the combine.  Not much of a Ferentz fan and agree he might end up an UDFA.  I'm good with the Purdue kid at CB though doubt he makes the roster - probably more of a PS candidate. 

A really nice solid mock that provides opportunity for commentary.  Thanks for putting it up.

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Re: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« Reply #8 on: December 29, 2012, 01:08:48 PM »
Welcome to PC, excellent 1st post and look forward to seeing more! Wow a guy named CWood21 and his 1st move of the off season is to jettison Woodson, it does give you credibility, cudos.

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Re: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« Reply #9 on: December 31, 2012, 06:44:43 AM »
Saw this very same mock on a different board.  Went back to other board just to see more of CWood21's posts.  I am very happy to see you posting over here now as well!

I really like this mock, especially the OLB Long and the center Ferenz.  Great value.

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Re: CW21's Packers Mock Draft v2013.01
« Reply #10 on: January 02, 2013, 03:08:50 PM »
Would just like to add that CW21 does a great job on the draft, players, and mocks. He's a Mod from another board I frequent, which some of you know about and some of you also post at...... ;)

Hopefully CW21 and some others from there will post more here, as the more informative posters and intelligent conversations here the better......(not a knock against anyone here, just saying.... ;)