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Author Topic: Version A and Version B  (Read 1344 times)

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Version A and Version B
« on: April 02, 2016, 06:39:22 PM »
I'm throwing out 2 versions with one version having the Packers take a DL in the 1st round and the other taking an OL in the 1st round.

Just for fun, I'm throwing in a trade down option in the 3rd round on both versions. With Doug Pederson in Philly, we may have a more willing tading partner.

Version A:
#27/Round 1: Vernon Butler; DT
Reviewed the Combine on dvr again today and he does look the part. Didn't know he was heavily recruited by Miss. St. and Ole Miss coming out of high school, but chose Louisiana Tech cuz he fell in love with the place. Gotta admit, that (after a 2nd-3rd-4th look) Kenny Clark is a very very good football player too, and wouldn't mind at all if he was chosen here as well.

#55/Round 2: Joshua Perry; OLB/ILB
Size and versatility to play both ILB and OLB for Packers. I think Capers would like the idea of having someone he could move around with Matthews, to keep offenses from being able to key on CM3. Perry is also the definition of "Packer People", and that will stand out to Ted. He likes his high character guys.

#88/Round 3: Trade down from 3rd round (#88) to 4th round (#100) with the Eagles. Pick up Philly's 5th round pick (#153) as well

#100/Round 4: Bronson Kaufusi; OLB/DE
Two sport player at BYU. Tall with a giant wingspan. With his basketball background I believe he has the necessary athleticism to be the successor to Peppers at the Elephant position. Decent against the run, but a better pass rusher.

#125/Round 4: Willie Beavers; OT
I think he could back up both OT's immediately and could be a replacement for DB in 2017 if DB's asking price goes too high. Solid starter for a long time on the left side. Watched an agility drill today from the Combine and was impressed with him.

#131/Round 4-a (comp): Joe Schobert; OLB/ILB
Another versatile LB that would give Capers more flexibility in personnel groupings. 2015 semi-finalist for Bednarik and Lombardi Awards. Joe doesn't "wow" you, but he just makes plays and finds a way to get to the ball.............and did it on a big time stage at UW.

#137/Round 4-b (comp): Jayron Kearse; S
His production hasn't matched his measurables/talent, but (my gosh!) 6'4"/216 Safety? Could he be molded into a Deon Bucannon type player that can cover RB's and TE's?? I'd like to find out!

#153/Round 5 (from Philly): Keith Marshall; RB
Dogged by injuries and RB depth that kept him from getting playing time to show case himself drops him to a much lower draft pick than if he had stayed healthy. They say he lost some speed after his acl injury/surgery. So I have to ask, "If he can run a 4.31 "40" like he did at the Combine, how fast was he before that?"

#163/Round 5: Tyler Johnstone; OT
Read that he was an outstanding pass protector, and had a bit of "nasty" in the run game at Oregon. Likely wasn't fully recovered from acl surgery during 2015 campaign. He should be nearing full health by now and could be a bit of a steal at this spot.

#200/Round 6: Devon Cajuste; WR/TE
They speculate that he will be converted to TE at 6'4"/234, but he might fit the H-back role. Could be a nice big target going over the middle with his size and 4.55 speed. We all know what MM said about the middle of the field.

#248/Round 7: Tanner McEvoy; TE
Bit of a flier here, because he might be available as an udfa. But his size (6'6"/231) to go along with his running ability is just too intriguing for me to pass up. He didn't run a 40 at his pro day (citing tendonitis) and that will hurt his draft position, but it likely will be pretty fast for a guy his size (maybe even under 4.5!)

Version B:
#27/Round 1: Jason Spriggs; OT
Very good talent to have waiting in the wings going into 2017.

#55/Round 2: Joshua Perry.
(see Version A)

#88/Round 3: Traded (see Version A)

#100/Round 4 (from Philly): Miles Killebrew; S
Another of the Bucannon/Chancellor type players that I believe defenses will start to covet as a way to defend "Move" TE's and RB's (like Matt Forte). Would also be a great special teams player.

#125/Round 4: Hassan Rigdeway; DT
A solid DT that only drops to here because it is such a ridiculously deep position in this years draft. Mayock sure thinks that DL is the "Oscar" winner of all position groupings in this years draft.

#131/Round 4: Joe Schobert; ILB/OLB
(see Version A)

#137/Round 4: Charone Peake; WR
Big/Fast WR that could be the deep threat many seem to be asking for. Slips to here because of injury that slowed his development and having to play behind the likes of Deandre Hopkins, Sammy Wadkins, and Martavius Bryant. 6'2"/209 with 34" arms. Ran a 4.45 at the Combine and 4.37 at his pro day.

#153/Round 5: Devondre Campbell; OLB
Has the size/speed to fit in at both ILB/OLB for GB. Still a work in progress and needs more/better coaching to unlock his athletic talent.

#163/Round 5: Keith Marshall; RB
(see Version A)

#200/Round 6: Alexis Lewis; OT
Where Jason Spriggs excels as a L-OT, Lewis would bring a strong/tough guy presence as a back up at R-OT. Has the bloodlines as well.

#248/Round 7: Devon Cajuste; WR/TE
(see Version A)
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Re: Version A and Version B
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2016, 07:57:46 PM »

#27/Round 1: Vernon Butler; DT  -  My pick.

#55/Round 2: Joshua Perry OLB/ILB  -  Not a 3-4 OLB, never rushed from the edge. A 2-down ILB in the 2nd isn't great value.

#88/Round 3: Trade down from 3rd round (#88) to 4th round (#100) with the Eagles. Pick up Philly's 5th round pick (#153) as well

#100/Round 4: Bronson Kaufusi; OLB/DE  -  A DL only, not an edge rusher. Clearly struggled playing OLB this year.

#125/Round 4: Willie Beavers; OT  -  My pick. 

#131/Round 4-a (comp): Joe Schobert; OLB/ILB   -  Decent college player with marginal tools. Slower than Jake Ryan.

#137/Round 4-b (comp): Jayron Kearse; S   -   Justin Simmons is the better player in this area of the draft

#153/Round 5 (from Philly): Keith Marshall; RB   -  Not enough wiggle to exploit his speed. 

#163/Round 5: Tyler Johnstone; OT  -  Lacks a bit of quickness but he can play.

#200/Round 6: Devon Cajuste; WR/TE  -  Which WR, Janis or Abbrederis, are you going to cut to make room?

#248/Round 7: Tanner McEvoy; TE  -  Worth a look.