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Author Topic: Bonus: New Year's Mock  (Read 3831 times)

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Bonus: New Year's Mock
« on: December 29, 2012, 01:51:05 AM »
No draft thoughts with this one. Just the basics. No tag and trades of either Jennings or Finley and both are gone in this model.

Round 1: WR Cordarrelle Patterson Tenn 6-3 205 4.4   A Multi- threat to score from anywhere-running the ball, receiving, punt returning and kick returns. Big play threat and a chance to become a #1 WR. Patterson and Cobb would pose nightmares for opposing DCs and we would be set for the next generation of WRs with Jones and Nelson up as free agents and nearing 30 over the next two years. ('14 and '15)

With a lot of teams in need of WR, the early selections in round one look to be the typical: Pass Rushers, OL, Corners, and QB, which might allow WRs to fall. Certainly there will be a run on them in early to mid round two, which means if Thompson waits he will most likely miss out, so here he has his pick. He could gamble in round two that Rogers is still on the board or make a trade up with some team, but this is his best odds here and would take the high ceiling of Patterson over the safe of Allen and uncertainty of Hunter and Woods who aren't back to the players they were a year back.

Could go with DL here and go with DT Jesse Williams of Alabama (used in last Mock) or DE/OLB Elzekiel Ansah BYU if either/both are still on the board.

Surprise Pick Alternate: Thompson could surprise everyone and go Corner. The odds are pretty good that either Johnthan Banks or Xavier Rhodes might still be on the board, two bigger Corners that play man coverage. A strong consideration if Woodson is gone after this season and two players linked to Thompson last year. But then again so was Peter Konz and we saw how that worked out.

Dark Horse Surprise: Georgia OLB Jarvis Jones. He might fall because he was diagnosed with a mild case of spinal stenosis. This was what the cause of WR Terrance Murphy forced retirement, but Murphy's was much worse. In a normal case he would be off the board in top 10 at worst. But teams leery and if NFL doctors raise a flag he could take a major drop and fall into the Pack's hands. With both Matthews and Perry missing games this year, having a legit 3rd option would be a good idea. UCLA's OLB Anthony Barr could be the other.

Round 2: RB John Randall 6-0 200 4.5  Ok St. The guy has what they would want in GB: excellent vision, good pass protection and blitz pick-up, good hands in the passing game to go with his running skills. Has good acceleration and balance. Low mileage on his legs as well and no major injuries I'm aware of.

Round 3: DE Datone Jones 6-4 275 4.77 (est 40) UCLA

Round 4: Safety Duke Williams 6-1 200 Nevada  great speed/physical

Comp 4: TE Zach Sudfeld 6-7 255 Nevada

Round 5: NT/DL Larry Black Jr. 6-2 310 Indy

Round 6: OT David Quessenberry 6-6 295 San Jose St.

Round 7: C/G/RT Ivory Wade 6-4 310 Baylor

Comp 7: WR Chuck Jacobs 6-0 178 Utah St.

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Re: Bonus: New Year's Mock
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2012, 05:08:37 AM »
What position do you have Jones playing at the next level? He's not big enough to play DE in a 3-4 and not sure on his mobility at an OLBer. Just curious where you project him.

You follow this much closer than I do so hard to pick apart in any way your effort.
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Re: Bonus: New Year's Mock
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2012, 07:31:30 AM »
T- love it!  Patterson is just what we need.  One year returning kicks while he develops, huge upside.  I wouldn't mind the alternate picks either. Could easily envision Rhodes in a Packer uniform.  I really like Randle, seems like he has better vision than what we currently have on the roster and he can block already.  Kid could earn ARod's trust fast. The only thing I would change is in the 4th round, instead of another safety I would like to see FB Millard from Oklahoma.
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Re: Bonus: New Year's Mock
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2012, 07:55:58 AM »
I was surprised at the choice of a WR at #1 was at first puzzling, but your defense of this player gave me pause. The thought of another player with Cobb's unique skills complementing Cobb is very intriguing. What surprised me was the alternate choices, both defensive players, was very surprising to me. After all, last year's draft was very defense heavy. And since Rodgers has been sacked WAY too much this season, I would have thought OL would be a priority. That you waited until rounds 6 and 7 was a shock. Apparently, you have more faith in Newhouse, or the return of Sherrod to be very successful, or that Van Roten will be able to handle backup duties when they occur. I would think the Packers would be better off going OT and OC earlier than your mock does. Specifically, forget RB in round 2 and go BPA at T or C, and round 4, fill the need you didn't address in round 2. 
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Re: Bonus: New Year's Mock
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2012, 01:51:30 PM »
He who hesitates...  I was going to take Patterson but dawdled and didn't get my mock  up.  Oh well the rest of my ,mock will look different.

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Re: Bonus: New Year's Mock
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2012, 05:11:27 PM »
I'm all about taking Patterson. I was going to suggest it but T stated it first. I just think this guy is going to fly up the draft boards and we won't get a shot at him. I could see Keenan Allen falling to us.

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Re: Bonus: New Year's Mock
« Reply #6 on: December 31, 2012, 06:49:45 AM »
I think the dark horse candidate of Xavier Rhodes needs to be considered.  He is everything that TT likes in a corner/safety.  He has size/speed and has played well against big time competition.

If he can play both corner and safety, I think you need to seriously consider him.


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Re: Bonus: New Year's Mock
« Reply #7 on: January 01, 2013, 11:25:01 AM »
Happy New Year!!

I could definitely be on board with Patterson, especially if Jennings is gone.  You do not want to leave your QB and offense short of options, especially with the passing game being the primary driver of success for most teams.  Wish we had a bowl game to watch with Patterson in it. 

Jones would be interesting.  Of course the medical staff would have to clear him as I don't see TT taking a risk like that otherwise.  Of course if our medical folks give him the OK then perhaps others will as well, in which case he'll likely go earlier.

I'd be OK with a CB like Rhodes early, but am reserving some judgement on him until I see more of him in the Bowl game and his combine performance.  I have a hard time seeing a guy with that kind of size being quick and fluid enough to play on an island.  I'm OK with him though if he can play safety.   Of course then you're probably not taking a safety in Rd 4.  I'm thinking I'd want to address o-line a little earlier and that 4th Rd safety in this mock seems like the place I'd look to add one.

The Randall selection is solid though my preference is for a bigger more powerful guy who can get tough yards.  Kid runs hard, but with our run blocking I'd like to have a guy who can push the pile a little more. 

I like the Jones, Black and Quessenberry picks.  Don't know enough about the others to comment much.  Nice mock to get the discussions going.

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Re: Bonus: New Year's Mock
« Reply #8 on: January 01, 2013, 09:21:35 PM »
Barr is going back to school so he is not an option.

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Re: Bonus: New Year's Mock
« Reply #9 on: January 03, 2013, 02:39:17 PM »
Will use this post to reply to all here....

first thanks for the comments and viewing!

Golfman- I do have him as a pass rushing DE in the 3-4. he's done this year at school. remember Cullen Jenkins was around the same size when he came out...and we still haven't found anyone to replace him. Hopefully Jones could....

Dubz41: When i got to the last pick and went WR, was trying to figure out who I had passed over in the mock along the way. So Millard was that one....but the question then is who deos he replace and where will he end up going? FB isn't what it once was,so if being drafted purely on FB alone, he might go anywhere from 5 on....note-did use him in another mock...

Ricky- Re-read the thread in Draft Talk on the O-Line and that is what this particular Mock was based on.... ;)

mancl; don't feel bad, that happened to me on another board before i got this Mock up...after working on this one on and off for two weeks.

vegas492: plus remember last year that Thompson was linked to both Rhodes and banks? Of course he was linked to UW's Peter Konz also the year before that and it meant nothing came draft time. But yeah, he might be even more of a consideration IF this is it for Woodson here.

'57: As always like our exchanges. The number one requirement we need from a RB here is vision (besides being able to protect Rodgers) Few are very good with this trait. I believe he's one of them. Plus he has good speed and hands. Think he could carry the load here. Heck Barry Sanders, Marshall Faulk, etc and the like carried the load years ago and they were a lot smaller backs. Being a big back w/o speed or vision isn't going to get it done.

As for the O-line, it's what I told ricky above and based off the O-Line thread in Draft talk
The way i see it, if Thompson does go earlier for say an OT, then we know that Sherrod is more questionable then we have been led on to believe. Think whether we go O-Line early or late hinges on Sherrod.

246: Allen might fall to us and he would be the "safe" pick. be interesting to know how Thompson would view him here for the fit.