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Author Topic: 246's Mock Draft  (Read 1824 times)

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246's Mock Draft
« on: January 10, 2013, 09:37:16 AM »
I don't normally do these but thought I'd give it a whirl as several of you already have some out.

1. Dallas Thomas- T/G(Tenn) : A versatile and athletic offensive lineman. Played very well against stiff SEC competition. Have to looking to improve our offensive line.

2. Arthur Brown- ILB(Kansas St):  A sideline to sideline player who should be able to chase down plays with his speed. I think ILB is an area that needs to be addressed. Serious injuries to both Bishop and DJ Smith cannot be ignored. I know many have him projected as an OLB, but I think he can play inside. Really athletic, too good for Ted to pass at this point.

3. Jonathan Franklin-RB(UCLA): Just really like him as a RB. May be similar in stature to DuJuan Harris. Really quick, good pass catcher.

4. Joe Kruger- DE(Utah): Declared early recently. Led Utah in sacks from his DE position. A guy that can handle the point of attack. Seems like the type of player TT would like.

5. Travis Kelce- TE(Cinncinati): Think they will address this area with Finley more than likely gone. Also seems like McCarthy loves to draft TE's.

6. Dustin Hopkins-K(Florida St): What more needs to be said.

7. Braden Hansen-G/C(BYU): Good run/pass blocker for a run heavy BYU team.

Did not address the WR in the draft as I think Boykins and Ross are two players the Packers like alot and will make the team. Think of Ross as an extra draft pick as a WR if it makes y'all feel better. :)

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Re: 246's Mock Draft
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2013, 10:17:45 AM »
Gotta give you credit for going with some names that I haven't seen before.

And since I've not seen the names, I can't weigh in on whether or not the guys would be there, or if they fit our scheme.  Picks 1-3.

Picks 4-7, different story.  I really like Kruger.  Seems tough and I think he would make an excellent DE if he is availalbe.
I think Kelce in the 5'th is a good value, but question if he is better than anything we have in Quarless/Williams/Taylor and Crabtree.
Hopkins.  I personally would love to see a kicker.  But I doubt that we draft one.  Cutting Crosby will cost TT money and I think he would rather sign an UDFA kicker than spend a pick on one.
Hansen, don't know anything about him, but if he can swing at center/guard, then it is a good pickup in my book.

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Re: 246's Mock Draft
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2013, 11:51:08 AM »
Nice draft, will do some looking at Franklin, Kruger, and Kelce. It has been discussed in other threads about O line needs. I think the only way we take one in the 1st rd is if Sherrod hasn't made good progress by then. Lang, EDS, and Sitton have the middle pretty well locked down. We only take a player that high if he will have an opportunity to be a starter, its too valuable a pick for depth/backup. Taking a D tackle can add depth while playing in a rotation.
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