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Author Topic: Follow or Set the Tone?  (Read 4818 times)

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Re: Follow or Set the Tone?
« Reply #15 on: January 22, 2013, 03:13:07 PM »
You draft players that fit into YOUR SYSTEM PERIOD!!! The classic case of that is how Seattle is being built. Carroll wanted a fast physical defense that could play man to man bump and run coverage. He went out and found two beasts at CB. NONE of his 9 CB's that were on the 53 man roster were under 6'0 tall. Cam Chancellor his one safety is 6'3 225.

His linebackers are fast as heck and his edge rushers are equally fast. He wasn't worried about how physical and big San Francisco's offensive line was because he was building HIS TEAM.

TT has done the same. The ONLY time Wolf did that was to try and stop Randy Moss, PERIOD! At that time Moss was a freak of nature at WR and we went CB in the first 3 rounds. Two of those were busts because we reached for them in Edwards and Vinson. That set us back, although we did score Ahman Green for Vinson two years down the road.

You draft the BPA that fits into what you do.
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Re: Follow or Set the Tone?
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You absolutely SHOULD NOT draft based on what your division has done.  Look at the poor drafts of the Packers after the Vikings took Randy Moss.  How many wasted picks went to bust defensive backs simply because the Packers wanted to stop him.  It's awful logic.  Stick to your board and draft the players that fit your team.

This is a whole topic with-in itself. Also was the Wolf era and had compounded mistakes starting with taking Holliday over Moss to replace White. Losing Doug Evans in free agency to the Panthers, Newsome blowing out his knee and not being the same and soon off the team. Wolf was following old school Draft Theories, which one can look up at places like or

Replies to other posts:

Now as for Thompson's rules on selecting Corners and they must be 6-0 if a first or second round pick, this too, goes back to his time with Wolf.

There was once a great debate in the war room when Wolf wanted Buckley and Thompson wanted Troy Vincent. Thompson wanted a taller,bigger Corner and Wolf thought Buckley would add a two dimension and fire to the team as a Corner and Returner. We know how that all turned out.

As for drafting by need verses drafting BAP, this too is covered in Draft Theories. The way Thompson does it it is BAP that also fits a need, especially in the first 3 rounds.