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Author Topic: With the 26th Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft ...  (Read 10065 times)

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Re: With the 26th Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft ...
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Sucks picking so late every draft.  How many good players every year that the Packers have no opportunity to draft?  That's the price for being consistently good.  Success is punished in the league.  Must have parity. 

Last year's draft for the Pack is looking less than stellar, but that could change from year 1 to 2.  Hopefully, the Packers get good players regardless of position.  With all the injured players coming back there appears to be a lot of depth returning, could TT once again use some picks to move up and try and get need/impact players?  Or, does he continue to add steady depth?

I have no clue how anyone could say that. We were 11-5 and had how many rookies start? How many contributed, not to mention the free agents who started and played well. That comment is so far from correct it's kind of funny.

Perry was not an impact player.  He was pretty much given the starting job with no competition except suspended guy Walden.   Perry was ok when rushing the passer but a fish out of water in the other parts of the game.   

Worthy was a disappointment no question about it.   He did nothing in pass rush and was just average in other areas.  Again, a player who was given lots of playing time due to having very little competition at that position. 

Hayward was the star of the class.  It's a defense that encourages trying to get INTs and Hayward has a good sense for it like Woodson.  What he doesn't have is the overall athletic ability and tackling of Woodson.  He's a nice fit, good pick. 

McMillian and Daniels both saw playing time and showed glimpses of potential.  I kind of like both but McMillian is very raw and couldn't be counted on, saw his PT drop.  Daniels' problem is that he is so small at that position, and it looks like that will always be an issue for him.

After that there isn't much to speak of except Moses, who is a keeper.

Where is the stellarness?  Hayward is what keeps this class from looking like a real stinker at the moment.  I hope they all bust out next year and become beasts, but I'm not gonna bury my head and the sand and pretend like they are something they are not.

Generally you grade out a draft 3 years afterwards.... not after season ending lopsided loss.

Packers defense improved from 32nd in league in yards to 11th in this year.  There has to be some explanation and it is not free agents or any breakout performances by a veteran.

Think the main diff between this year and last was simply a much improved secondary and  more depth on the dline; last year our good dlinemen played WAY too many snaps and were exhausted. This year they actually got a rest. Add to that the improvement in Shields, addition of Hayward/McMillian and you have a much better defense.

As for Perry, I do agree that it is far to early to judge his performance since he was making a huge jump to a new position in the NFL. However, I will say that he didn't without a doubt prove that the Packers had solved their OLB spot opposite Matthews.

I will also say that Worthy, while not an instant impact guy, also deserves more time before being labeled a bust. Defensive lineman generally don't make an instant impact in the NFL. Guys in this league are generally just much larger/faster/more prepared than they're used to playing.

Hopefully the Packers continue to focus on defense in the first round (since it's defense that wins titles) and get a MLB that can push Hawk (Bishop is a terrific MLB), OLB that can push Perry/replace Matthews if injured or another defensive lineman since there is no such thing as too many dlinemen.

Sunshine stole my thunder.   You can't judge Perry because he got hurt or Worthy cuz D linemen don't gel right away.   I also agree we need more speed at ILB.  We missed Bishop but he isn't much faster than Hawk.  Could we use the comp pick for Flynn (or our own pick if you can't use comp picks in this manner) as an enticement to another club to move up and nab Ogletree or someone else?