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Year after year.  More of the same.  Injuries derailing the Packers season.  McCarthy say injuries are part of the game.  Well yes that's true but being one of the most injured teams in the league year after year after year isn't going to cut it.  Agree some injuries can't be prevented but some can.  How many guys have we lost due to groin pulls and hammies?  That accounts for over half of them. 

This isn't new it's been going on since 2010.  How the Packers can't figure this one out is beyond me.  The players are not being properly conditioned.   Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what is going on.  It's not a problem of coaching it's injuries.  Every single year.  The fire Dom crowd also has to realize he is fielding a defense of JV players because are starters are either on the bench or trying to gut it out.

I have defended McCarthy on numerous occasions.  His weakness is not recognizing problems within the organization and making necessary changes in a timely manner.  This injury situation is not new.  Anyone care to defend the training staff?  I am all ears. 

It's time for a change.  If they have to cough up a few bucks to lure some decent trainers so be it.  #1 on the list next year is to replace the entire training staff.  It finally came to a head today.  Now because the training staff can't get the players properly prepared we are down to 6th and 7th options along the O-line.  Predictably Rodgers gets killed. 

If McCarthy is unwilling to revamp the training staff then it qualifies as gross negligence and he should be sent packing too.  Enough already. 

I've been wondering about this myself, if the conditioning program is not up to par. We can't see one game it seems without someone having to come out due to an injury.

If this is the case then do whatever it takes.

We aren't the only team ravaged by injuries.  I suspect a lot of this is due to the fact players don't have enough padded practices during the summer and between games.  But yes, the number we get every year is ridiculous.

Wouldn’t surprise me if 50 years from now, the game of football as we know it today will cease to exist, or evolves into something much different from what we’re watching now.  With the rise of the CTE issue, among other things, I expect there will come a time when this game will either get watered down severely, or, the equipment will evolve so immensely that players are basically running around in bubbles.  It may not happen in my lifetime - in fact I’m not expecting it to - but I’d be surprised if my great, great granchildren were still watching the NFL.  What will most likely happen is some Harry Potter-esque game will be invented that will sweep the world.

I thought I heard a story this past week where someone went back and looked at how many injuries the Packers have had in previous years.  Apparently it is no more than anyone else but like all teams goes in cycles.  If you can find a training staff that can prevent broken bones and non-contact injuries they would be millionaires.  There are probably 15 other teams forums that are looking to get rid of their teams training staff.


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