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Author Topic: How good a coach is MM really?  (Read 8582 times)

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Re: How good a coach is MM really?
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So we should stay the course.   Don't try and protect Rodgers, let him keep running around getting exposed to hits while extending plays, let him either get knocked out for the season or play the last quarter of the season injured as he has for 4 of the last 5 seasons, and have a defense that can't play an effective zone coverage scheme.  Got it!

You are entitled to you opinion Ricky, but I have no idea what it is from what you write.  Snark is not content.

You can mock my viewpoint, but chew on this:  In effectively 10 years as a starter, Aaron Rodgers has been sacked 351 times.  Peyton Manning in 17 years was sacked 303 times.  If the offensive philosophy doesn't change, will Rodgers be able to play as long as Manning?  I don't know, and neither does anyone else, but his injury status over the last 5 years suggests no.  Just sayin.

First, sorry about the snark. Uncalled for an undeserved.

Stay the course? Hardly. A defensive makeover is needed. As far as AR getting sacked, he does have a habit of holding onto the ball. Whether this is because his receivers aren't open enough, or he is looking for a larger gain is something that can be debated. Also, the OL has had a run of injuries that is amazingly bad. At the same time, the OL has been built to try to protect the passer. But , just as DB's can't be expected to stay with a receiver forever, an OLman can't be expected to hold his block forever. Expecially if AR moves around, at which time he is much more effective as a passer. A lot of his movement is planned, as he is not a great pocket passer, but outstanding while on the move.

Now, replacing MM with a defensive minded coach has been explored by me in an earlier post. It's not a matter of disagreeing, but of finding the proper person to replace MM. Same thing with an OC. Right now, it seems that AR is comfortable with MM. You apparently want to mess with tha chemistry. I'm not so sure. As stated earlier, its easier to find a decent HC than it is a franchise QB. Much less an all time star like Rodgers. Perhaps the team should be looking to upgrade their WR's so they get open more easily. Or get a better OC who will design plays to accomplish that. And maybe AR should settle for smaller gains, or get rid of the ball more quickly.

I respectfully disagree.  He is fabulous inside or outside the pocket.  Of course his skills at throwing it outside on the run are what separate him from mere mortal QBs.  Geez, I miss watching him play.   :'(  He is better than anyone I've ever seen and I've been watching football longer than I care to admit.   ;)  I suggest we appreciate and cherish our good fortune for the next 5/6 years he still has left.  I doubt we'll see another like him in our lifetime.