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Let's try to stay positive. And I don't mean "I'm positive the Packers are going to lose every game this season." That accomplishes nothing. No one ever gained anything by quitting. Except not achieving what you wanted to achieve. So, let's hope for the best. Because losing to those detestable Bears would be the worst. What needs to happen? The team needs play better. Which is so simple to type, and difficult to do. Because this team has lost heart. They don't believe. At times, they're going through the motions, but not putting forth every effort on every play. Not to be too crude, but time to nut up or shut it down. Because I really, really, really, REALL
Y hate the Bears. Really.

we have been out played & coached by the saints & lions.

I no longer have high hopes for this team.

So like changing diet & lifestyle.....I start off with small "rocks" for the packers this week.

Defense:  Get pressure,  3rd down stops, QUIT the package subs with players standing and looking confused seconds before the snap of the ball.
Offense:  Can we run jones more than 5 times this week.   MM: pump Hundley full of Mn so he can stand in the pocket for a second longer to
               find the open receiver.  QB rating of 90.
Keep the game close so Larry doesnt have to have to talk Wayne off the ledge.

Here's to hoping Hundley can be more effective - prevent the CHI D from packing the box and give AJones / Monty some running lanes.
Last time we played them, we used more 4-3 Base formations and challenged Glennon to execute in the passing game - which didnt happen - and I seem to recall we were getting decent pressure on him. I think Brooks is going to play tomorrow - which I like. Hopefully he can give us some physicality off the edge. I'm figuring Perry is fully healthy with both hands fully functional. CMs healthy and now Biegel might give us some more speed off the edge.

We shall see.....but Hundley's gotta move the chains.

1.  Defense needs many more third down stops - get off the damn field!
2.  Win the time of possession.
3.  Win the turnover battle.
4.  Hundley gets a 90 or higher rating.

Do these things, then our beloved Packers have an excellent chance at winning.

I really fear losing this game.

Because if we do, I think the bottom may fall out as far as morale goes.


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